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About Me

  1. Okay, so apparently, in gold version there's a Majikoi character. It's Seiso. You know, the one with double personality and want to conquer the world. To get her, you nwed to install the 1.03b1 patch. The one released few weeks ago is version 1.03c1, it's the newest version. I dont know why they dont include seiso patch, but you can download it and get her. Of course her story still in japan, but the rest will stay in english. Only seiso in japan GOLD Update History - Eiyuu*Senki Wiki Just sscroll down and download the 1.03b1 patch and you can get seiso
  2. This captcha is being bigoted. How are all the aliens and chat bots so posed to download anything? If they answer truthfully, they'll be denied a download link.
  3. Anyone have a download to Choukyou M Ecstasy? looked everywhere and cant find one. VNDB: Choukyou M Ecstasy | vndb
  4. I know HRPGs aren't what you usually add to your website, but I'm having difficulty downloading this one from the mega.nz file hosting service. I'm assuming the difficulty has something to do with how mega.nz uses some sort of weird to step download process. When you first hit download, it downloads it to an unspecified location. Once that finishes, it then starts my browsers normal download process. I can get as far as specifying where I want to download it, but the download typically hangs up and never gets anywhere even an hour later. I would appreciate it if you could add to this site with
  5. Does anyone have a download link or can direct me to a reliable site to download the game? The translation got released some time ago but i can't find the game itself. Would be perfect of course if admin posted it here but anything will do. Edit: Forgot to add vndb link Harlem Blade ~The Greatest of All Time.~ | vndb
  6. The english word wrap launcher doesn't appear to be in the english patch download. I've tried several times now just in case of corruption.
  7. Its one of the new vns on nutaku and has traps. I love traps. Alas i cant find anywhere to download it that hasnt been deleted. Thanks.
  8. I can't find this game anywhere All links and torrents I've come across are dead. If anyone has this or has a link to it, please share it. This has been driving me nuts. That is all. Thanks for reading!
  9. As the title says I'm having problems opening the zip for A kiss for the petals Atelier. WinRar says it's either damaged or is in an unknown format. All the other things a have opened fine and I tested a different zip file that I grabbed. works fine. I think the contents in the zip got damaged somehow. Also it got brought to my attention and I thought that I would bring it to yours. The download site that you link all the VN's to my anti virus is saying that there are trojins with the download hosting number(my anti virus always use to let me get stuff from that site. now it's blocking m
  10. Update your browser to use Google Drive - Google Drive Help your welcome
  11. Well it's already mentioned at tittle. Anyone know where i can download the Patch for this game ? Already bought the steam version, but i don't want to buy the patch
  12. Hey guys, I downloaded the Tsukihime files from the site and Daemon, but the CCD file refuses to mount. There also seems to be so many problems with this VN download... what is the easiest way to play the game in English?
  13. recently i can't download here. If i download normal way it won't download anything (already wait ten minutes). If i download using VPN i got wrong captcha (failed 15 times). Using 3 different computers and still failed to download.
  14. Anyone got the download for this? I can't seem to find the english version. Thanks in advance Boku to Koi Suru Ponkotsu Akuma.
  15. Does somebody know where I can download Magic-Engine FX Full Version? where can I download Welcome to Pia Carrot pre-patched?
  16. Hello im kinda new to the site and i wanna try something by playing an eroge after all these years being in the anime community. But my question is where would i start from and how would i start to play an eroge off this site? i can download all the files but would that be it? like after watching Majikoi a long time ago id like to play this first. i saw already i cant really download everything altogether so imma have to download all the seperate files together. after this will i have to put them all into a single folder and extract the files together in the same location or is there anything
  17. VNDB link So, there was this kickstarter post made by Sekaiproject on their kickstarter. The 18+ would probably be a separate full game download and not just a 18+ patch for the all ages version.
  18. Hi, im having trouble downloading the games. Whenever i click on the link it just lead me to the ipaddress.downloadani.xx.xx.xx. I'm cant download the full link despite being premium member. Anyway to solve this issue?
  19. -IF I'M NOT SUPPOSED TO BE TALKING ABOUT THIS ON THIS FORUM, PLEASE JUST DELETE THIS TOPIC- Yeah, how embarrassing is this...? So, I am trying to get the cg from a visual novel, that uses the kirikiri engine. I'm completely new to this, so I am very confused. I heard that crass is the best option, but hilariously, I cannot even find a place to download crass with the links still working... After I find that link, I imagine I will need the gui, right? I am not talented at the command line... I am failing before I can even make it past step one. This must be the bad route, huh....
  20. When i download school days (ive tried to download it from many different places) it just wont work. I download it and i extract it using winrar and i end up with a folder containing disk 1 and disk 2. Then i mount them both using daemon tools, i click on the disk to start downloading the game but for some reason the install button is grey and it just wont let me download it, it doesnt do anything if i press game start either. If i try to uninstall it, it lets me do it and the install button is clickable but if i then try to download it it just doesnt do anything at all. I've tried downloadin
  21. [illusion] Play Home Download + English Patch Info Play home was released on October 13, 2017, and i would like to mirror the download for it here. so maximum people can have the copy of the game as soon as possible. this was made by Illusion the same guys who made -honey-select-download/"]Honey select and etc. they have been making 3D porn games since 1997, and they are one of the best if not the best, ones out there. many thanks to Lewd-H for creating another Pasta, and this was based on his pasta. About if you think this is a game where you play house with a girl of yo
  22. http://love-joint.com/patreon/ep2/11.png This game has been extremely challenging to make, but we’re very proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish. Hope you enjoy it! Note that this is a fairly long VN with lots of interactive sex scenes. It might take you a while to find them all. Play at a relaxed pace and don't rush through it, that way you'll enjoy it a lot more. If you’re having issues with the online version, download the game instead. If you are playing online, play it in Chrome. And if you’re on a slower computer, consider closing other browser tabs as this game takes up quite
  23. Hello, I've been trying to download some files from the said site, but every single game I've tried to download from comes with the error of "This site cannot be reached... the site might be temporarily down or it may have moved to a new web address." Anyone has an idea as to why this is?
  24. if it doesnt already exist id like a download for this game since i already finished the other x-change alternative :3 thanks here is a link https://vndb.org/v10817
  25. Here's a list with download links of all the exclusive patron stuff. "Day 1" build : download "Day 2" build : download "Day 3" build : download Adeline showcase build : download Shark girl scene : download Shark girl 2nd scene : download Nekomata animations : download Halloween build : download Slime scene 2.0 : download Surprise Shuri build : download VA build : download Fuyuko build : download ! I'm not going to update this thread anymore because I stopped being a backer. There was just too little progress overall, at least in my opinion !
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