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  1. Happy Birthday~~~!

  2. warning in advance it does not operate properly on using vista will be waithing for the second patch shoud come soon with fixed translations and bugs!
  3. Happy Birthday.

  4. does enyone know where coud i get this game i know its japanese only even so looks like good game! Oda Ma! ~ The first edition geekdom benefits Mania ~ Chikkoi おたマ!~おたく仲間はちっこいマニア~ 初回特典版
  5. sorry bit inactive thanks for remembering :D

  6. Happy birthday eltra!


    have this.

  7. Nobu chan be nice to the young'uns.


    Happy birthday eltra, enjoy it to the max!

  8. Nobu

    Happy bday fool!

  9. eltra


    the links are down, Invalid or Deleted File, its says when i try to open them
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