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  4. superBlast


    Can't say or that'd be spoilers. And spoilers are no fun. Just play it for yourself. But just imagine when things get taken to the extreme with out holding back. Well... I could imagine they could've done worse but still..... Though by now the initial shock of it is long gone.... but yeah... still pretty fucked up. Even the MC says it's fucked up.
  5. superBlast


    Oh god.... why did I ignore the guro warning!? Cannibalism... fine, psycho chicks, fine, but.... Maiko's ending.... man..... I should listen to tags from now on..... Man that was fucked up.... the MC deserves it for being an ass 90% of the time.... but damn..... I warning everyone who is not into guro.... do not play Maiko's ending just in case your stupid like me and ignored the tags. Idk about the other two girls but.... I can get what I seen out of my head and every time I think of it I get cold and and goosebumps. Man I was really looking forward to this game.... and I'm still am...
  6. Rewrite huh? The game so many people been hyped up about? Hm.... *Watches trailer* What!? It was made by Key!? No one mentioned that before! I'M GONNA PLAY IT NOW!
  7. That was my second guess on unlocking it which I was hoping I was wrong lol. Oh well. Thanks for the answer.
  8. Anybody know how to unlock endless mode? I was thinking I'd just have to beat one of the routes but that didn't work. I get the feeling it's something obvious since no one else asked here or seiha's forums.
  9. Ah a perfectly good reason why Yandere became slow. Well thats understandable. Yay! That'll become the first partial patch I've downloaded. Anyways.... time to disappear from the face of the forums.... again.
  10. I have just two things to say.... Yay Yandere finally has some more progress, Boo it's barely much considering how long ago the last update was.... At first when it was translated I thought Yay! Gonna come out with school days soon after school days! (or whatever VN came out around that time... I think is was school days) Week later, it's in editing. Oh ok... never thought about editing.... that's fine. Then in 2-3 weeks it's at 32% (or something like that)... Yay... this time I will get it soon.... just a few weeks at this rate... and no more updates since then to until now and it's 36%.....
  11. How I got mine set up is unlimited download speed with only 1 kb to upload speed. Then after I download it completely and start seeding, I have my upload speed set to unlimited. And then seed until I upload at least double the file size. Though my connection sucks and so even when i don't limit my upload speed I only upload 50 kb a second at most lol. But SD is gonna take a while for me to DL whether I use torrents or regular download. I'm guessing around... 12 hours at least to download 12-15 gb that SD will be.
  12. Wow this thread died? Holy crap o.O Never thought that would happen.
  13. Btw does anyone know where the website is for the Yandere! translation? I tried searching for it but... I couldn't. And VNDB doesn't have the website like they usually do. I'm too excited to wait for Ivan to upload it this time lol. I wanna get it as soon as possible.
  14. Ok... I meant suck for the MC. Of course it's awesome for the players.
  15. I remember on VNDB the tags say "Only bad endings" So.... every end will suck. But there is probrably one for each girl that sucks.... less then the rest lol. But I wonder how many people are gonna play to try and survive or play to try and die all the time. I'll be going for dieing all the time to see every bad end.
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