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  1. Well I'm back from teaching English in Japan ... it was ... interesting ...

  2. Well I'm back from teaching English in the strange alien country we all call Japan. (pleasant, but definitely foreign) So ... what'd I miss?
  3. I went ahead and abus... (ahem) ''used'' my powers of being group founder to change the current group picture. I just was not a fan of the original and felt that taking one out of a manga looked better and felt more original (no other groups use pics from mangas as their pic ... I hope). So feel free to let me know if you... A. Like it. B. Hate it. C. Have a different Suggestion. or D. All of the Above (if you're lazy)
  4. yo , im also a college student like u ( just recently though ) so we r gonna be good friends . well , i dont have any girlfriends or friends like u though.. im completely devoted to 2D brother

  5. Thanks for the invite! Welcome to erogegames! It's nice to have you around!

  6. Hello~ thanks for the Invite x3

  7. thanks for invite ^^

  8. Thanks for the add O(≧∇≦)O ;)

  9. Hi!!, thanks for the Invite^^

  10. Everyone else is doing it so why shouldn't we! So who is your favorite tsundere character it can be manga, anime, or eroge! My top favorites are: Puuchin - My girlfriend is the president Kirino - Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai Kagami Hiiragi - Lucky Star
  11. Has anyone ever me or know any real tsunderes? It can be anyone that you have met in your life, doesn't matter when, where, or how. So if you got an interesting story, let's hear it! My closest thing is with a girl I met in college and she spent a large amount of time justifying how she would help me and tell me stuff without actually claiming to like it. I didn't find her attractive though and I still spend most of the time teasing her.
  12. Well then, Hello to you too.

  13. Drop by to said hello!

  14. It is from one of the ending scenes of one of the routes in the VN, G-Senjou no Maou. (One of my personal favorites so go check it out when you can)
  15. I think you can definitely get too crazy, but as long as she will not try to kill me (a surprisingly difficult request sometimes) there is really no problem as long as they are cute.
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