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  1. Only way to do this quest on first gameplay is to produce Angel necklaces, there is a chance for it to mutate into Sanctified when synthezizng.
  2. Strange... i am on my first gameplay - not finished yet, Yuela route and ive got 53% of CGs. And what Frosty said - did you enjoy the game with cheating through it?
  3. Nie ma sprawy, to problem który rozwiązuje się i tak sam :p

  4. Nothin to be sorry about, i understand basic russian :D

    Knowing wing chun is something much better than being an linguist.

  5. I hereby officially declare: when you beat the boss in Deatbeat Dungeon, Deadbeat mark disappears forever (boss available from chapter 8).
  6. You dont get good translated games so often. And yes, multiplayer arena would be fun
  7. Wil is more of defensive fighter so he sucks. He sucks considerably less when equipped with weapon dealing non-physical dmg, and highly enhanced armor the second one. Also: lvl him up when you can. Had you done talk event in Misanshel? If so had you synthezized the recipes needed? 3xDazzling Ball 3xImp Tail as i recall. Thats a very scary thought. There is a boss battle in deadbeat dungeon, but iam too weak to kill him atm and see what happens. Chapter 8 now, given up on all-star clearing all stages(not so good rewards) still most of them completed. Spoiler: You thought that
  8. Dzięki za pomoc z questem ^^

  9. I am glad it helped you You only have to make supplement, and talk to Crayl at home (you may need o lvl him up). Then simply advance to chapter 6 talk to him nad quest is done. As for Deadbeat, i only used it to lvl up Aht who was far behind in xp; iam regretting it. I dont use speedhack or moneyhack game is easy enough, Iam in Chapter 6 now, with characters around lvl 25. Spoiler tip: Of course there are exceptions - Uya is on 30, he so damn good. But the MAIN TANK is Yuela - lvl 34, highly enhanced Brave Lord Armor, different good weapons that deal psych/holy/ice/fire/poisom d
  10. Hmm... Have you tried CCleaner? It can find broken register entries or/and files, work wonders for me.
  11. Start->Programs->Euschully and you have 2 shortcuts, one is game other settings. Start settings (game has to be closed), in the first tab you have some direct3d options. Then change options to these -LINK I had some random crashes on my old comp, after changes i can play 6 hours straight. Addicting and awesome game.
  12. For example, Koihime Musou has "If you liked "Koihime Musou", you should check out:" links, but no connection to Koihime voice patch. I played half of game without the voices added. Its easy to miss, because not so many games have that kind of patch. I was so confused because Kanon actually has the link to voice patch. As it is general problem on erogegames I made a list like "related games" for Ivan to quickly fix this issue. Deus Machina Demonbane Deus Machina Demonbane – Voice Patch Fate/Stay Night included in download Kanon Link done Kara no Shoujo Kara no Shoujo - Voic
  13. Olaf

    Koihime Musou

    Good game overall, i enjoyed the story although at the end there are just too many Hscenes, main plot is on second plan. The strategical part of the game isnt really demanding, as you mostly defend and get reinforcments when defeated. Oh and you have to download Koihime Musou Voice Patch, I played half of game without voices, cause i wasnt aware of patch :/
  14. This game thread oficially died.
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