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  1. i ordered D3 threw wow, im not gonna drop it i have alot of friends who play its what makes it so much fun, (we're all getting D3 aswell)
  2. hehe its easier if you just add me i have WoW guild stuff to do so i dont have time to remember all this
  3. Yo.. Been a while..

    Just wanted you to know that the 2nd season of Oreimo has been announced. But you probably already knew that..


    Hope to see you around sometime!

  4. yeah i used to play abit of Fizz love him in the jungle, recently i've been going back to my mains being Shyvana, Riven, Ezreal and Ziggs depending one where i go
  5. i mostly play Jungle, or solo top/ad carry on occasions but mainly jungle because no-one else i know can jungle xD
  6. Does anyone else play LoL my summoner name is AzureXScarlet on the NA servers, i'd love to have a game with anyone if i'm not busy Also Hiya4321 plays his is Hiya4321 (so original)
  7. awwww.... it still makes me go: kawaiiiiiii....

  8. its fine it actually made me laugh and np always great to have friends

  9. A bit late for this but.. Thanks for accepting me! Sorry for the previous outburst..

  10. damn, whitexshadow stole my lines.

    anyway, knowing girls also play eroge and VN is like dream come true for me.

    so i hope we can be friends

  11. Ripped off batman's D**k and turned him into a female
  12. Dammit AzureXCrimson!! Your Profile Picture can't be this cute!!:D


    Every time I see ur profile pic, i go: awwwwwwwww......... kawaiii.....


    Accept me as your friend!! Do it! Do it! Do it! Do it! Do it! Do it! Do it! Do it!...

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