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  1. Damn, I'm pretty jelly right now. I want to experience Houzuki's backstory for the first time again, it was just awesome. Right now i just finished Muv Luv a few days ago and started Muv luv Alternative.. i'm not exactly sure how many hours i've put into it so far but i've heard its a pretty long visual novel. Currently on chapter 8 right now.
  2. There is a pretty big thread dedicated here - https://erogegames.com/main-category/temporary-forum/387-kamidori-alchemy-meister/ Might want to check it out .
  3. As someone else mentioned, just do the main route and skip all the extra hentai scenes... they're just fan service and really don't add anything at all... the main route is a really good prequel type story. I really enjoyed it. The route isn't all that long.. i forgot exactly but it was probably the length of 1 chapter in Sharin no Kuni.... nonetheless you should check it out.
  4. thanks for the invite :)

  5. Kenichi - Sharin no Kuni Usami Haru - G Senjou Hanako - Katawa Shoujo
  6. Thanks for the invite :)

  7. I'll be looking forward to your huge review for G-Senjou, the true ending is just fantastic.
  8. I felt exactly the same after finishing G Senjou a couple of weeks ago. It takes a few days for all the feels to go away but man you just get emotionally invested into the VN... thats the sign of an excellent VN in my opinion. As others have said, Sharin no Kuni could be an option. Its made by the same publisher/developer as G Senjou. Badass protagonist, good music, a mix of comedy and serious moments, and a couple of twists along the way. After playing Sharin no Kuni, immediately play the fandisc.. it shows you the back story of one of the main characters and its an excellent prequel.
  9. Little Busters EX, Majikoi, School Days, 11eyes, Aiyoku no Eustia
  10. Ahahah, what a coincidence indeed Thanks for the welcome
  11. We all have our opinions IMO, the story/plot is very simple/basic but the characters make up for them. If you don't really feel anything for the characters, then you probably won't enjoy the VN.
  12. None for me. I really want them to try it but i have no idea how to approach the subject. I have close friends but most of them aren't really the gamer types. If they do play games its usually call of duty, etc.
  13. Characters in my opinion. You can have a simple plot/story and can still make up for it by having great characters. I was playing Katawa Shoujo and the plot is very simple... but the characters make playing the whole thing worthwhile.
  14. Mass Effect 1 and Mass Effect 2... patiently waiting for Mass Effect 3
  15. 22 year old male here. Senior accounting major, going to graduate this spring. Found out about this place after finding out about VN's in general. After playing Katawa Shoujo, my first VN, i wanted to explore the world of VNs and ran into this site. I'm glad I did. My favorite VN so far is a tie between Katawa Shoujo and G Senjou. I've also enjoyed Sharin no Kuni and Muv Luv. My hobbies are working with computers, watching sports, and playing eroges
  16. Not yet. I've only been playing VN's for about 2 months though. I'll be moving out later in the summer after college is finished, so i don't have to worry about that sort of thing anymore. It sucks having to play in the night time, since my family is pretty big and i hardly have any privacy.
  17. I was browsing Reddit and saw a post about Katawa Shoujo finally being released after being in development for ~5 years. I was curious as to what it was and downloaded it. I felt such an emotional connection to the game. After Katawa Shoujo i tried out VN's like G Senjou, Sharin no Kuni, Muv Luv, etc... i've enjoyed them all so far. So thats pretty much how i got into the whole eroge world... just by chance... I'm glad i did.
  18. Katawa Shoujo was awesome. I didn't like Shizune's route too much though... just didn't feel the connection between them like I did with the other characters. Hanako was my favorite though
  19. Patiently waiting for Little Busters EX to be translated... not sure on the timetable though
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