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  1. Thanks! Never mind, I found it already.. couldn't wait XD Nice to have you as a friend animaker9!

  2. done, and... I don´t really remember... google I thing, I got a bunch of Kyon gifs that time X3

  3. Hello! How do you do! Accept my request! And where did you get your Avatar pic?

  4. interesting, I'll play it... tomorrow, when there's sun outside
  5. hehehehe yeah, the other girls had problems and that, but Aeka needed urgent help, only YOUR help...
  6. If done well they can be pretty awsome, like Clannad, there's that little extra of being able to watch things move, I, too, like original versions but sometimes the animation turns out preety good. Exept for umineko... that thing was awful, IMO
  7. It's hard to scape from that, not that I would have liked to
  8. animaker9

    Sengoku Rance

    so true... I download it two day ao and... yesterday I did nothing else but play
  9. The trouble I had wint YMK is that, in order to get to the other two routes I had to ignore Aeka's cries of help... it broke my heart to see her suffering every time with nobody to saver her, even me...
  10. yep, there's 1D between 2D and 3D, and they have to stay that way
  11. that's a harsh lession... but a true one
  12. Mmmh, good question... With males, I have to choose Kyon from Haruhi Suzumiya, that guy is just an average joe, minding his ow bussines but he got involved with the weirdest things and, even then, he doesn't lose his sarcasm actitude. And with females... dunno, Kagami Hiiragi from Lucky star. Because, well, I really like tsunderes and laughing, and with Kagam I got both
  13. this guy will be our savior whe aliens attack
  14. Toaru majutsu no index, lots of girls to choose... but the first one of my list will always be Misaka
  15. I thought the same, but there are routes that the anime didn't follow, and you can see the good ending of each girl, not only Nagisa, Kyou an Tomoyo.. also there are some scenes that are longer an even more dramatic in the game
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