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  1. more murder mystery/detective is always nice
  2. holy shit, dubs is alive! sawano vibe one of the reasons honkai MVs are so dope, they going for the hyped/emotional performance
  3. Wonder if this is the full ENG TL, since I remembered the dev going around asking if anyone can finished translating cause the prev TLer ditched.
  4. could try making a jast support ticket too https://jast.freshdesk.com/support/home if you own the official versions
  5. it is an official translation by DLsite themselves https://www.dlsite.com/maniax/work/=/product_id/RJ377549.html?locale=en_US
  6. for those who wants to wait for the fan-patch that restores the H-content and other stuff https://vndb.org/r87612
  7. Thing is, as I grow older and have income, I can actually afford to buy games. These games are dirt cheap especially when they go on sale for like $3 bucks.
  8. You should check jast store, they carry a lot of these old games and often put them on sales every few months pretty soldier war for example https://jastusa.com/games/gc029/pretty-soldier-wars-a.d.-2048
  9. Seems like the 2019 fan-tl is by Broken Dragon Translation but there's a new 2021 one by Matt Ciriazo. Maybe the latter is better? Wonder if @Ivan could consider uploading it too
  10. kpop bands doing more anime OP/ED these days
  11. Hey there, our discords are pretty much private these days, but we now have a Guilded.gg for the public! Not officially an EG gathering, but those who are still alive on EG post-2016 will be around here as well, so if you wanna talk about eroge, visual novel, or need anything else feel free to join! https://www.guilded.gg/r/zzJjMr7opR?i=40a1PlRd Of course this is just a fancy server, but there is always the forum and the shoutbox itself which I lurk almost everyday. If you have an EG account, come to the shoubox~
  12. First song I actually like from Girls Frontline
  13. nice song, no idea what series or media it's from
  14. Honkai not only has great PVs, but also music scores
  15. Shouldnt evenicle 2 be new project this week
  16. Guys, the bot is telling me I'm a bot. It's gaining sentience!
  17. The fuck, locking inactive threads when there arent a lot of posting activity on EG to begin with. Even on my anime thread I make updates to it every half a year. Bots arent even frequent anymore, no idea where you're looking at.
  18. Not gonna be late this time~ The tradition continues, it's time to post your top anime from 2021! Quite a lot of AOTY contenders for this year than I normally see. As always, I will post what I believe to be the best anime per season, so 4 total! They will all be non-sequel or not in a major series, so anybody looking for something they can quickly jump in will have a better time! Winter: https://myanimelist.net/anime/39535/Mushoku_Tensei__Isekai_Ittara_Honki_Dasu This one made the name for itself ever since EG still has it's simple shoutbox. Being the grandf
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