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Into nice boats? Like your love to be cute AND psycho? This is the place for you. We're chaotic neutral and have no real alliances, so everyone who enjoys our adorable little yanderes can join~
  1. What's new in this club
  2. I like the violently yangire type (Yuno Gasai) and the other end the non-violent overly obsessive type (Mutsuki Koharu).
  3. really hard question but my first yandere was Kaede from Shuffle ( though since she's rarely in the yan mode i don't know if it quelify her)
  4. Yuno Gasai all teh way. I fell in love with her since I read the manga ages ago.
  5. If Lucy counts she's definitely my #1 favorite(I'd say she is Yandere, but that's a secondary characteristic compared to her plain ol' homicidal characteristics). If not, probably Yuno Gasai. I haven't seen the new anime, but I've read the majority of the manga.
  6. I think you can definitely get too crazy, but as long as she will not try to kill me (a surprisingly difficult request sometimes) there is really no problem as long as they are cute.
  7. Meh i don't like the over the top crazy ones but i do like the obsessed kind that'll kill ANYONE ELSE BESIDES ME.
  8. Are you into the classic UR: EXAMPLES such as Sekai or Kotonoha from School Days, or are you into a more new and fresh variant? Discuss it here. My favorite is Lucy from Elfen Lied, she's sort of a UR thing, but, eh, she's my yandere of choice.
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