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  1. My little sister, Yuki. She smiled at me and grabbed my cheeks. "Good morning, big brother~" She smiled.
  2. When I try to install it though, I get 'failed to copy file' :/ So I suppose I have to redownload now...
  3. I've been buzzing around old eroge lately, and this title caught my interest. However, when I try to boot it up.... 'The procedure entry point OpenVxDHandle could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll'. I try to install it, and I get 'failed to copy file', even when I run as administrator as the comments on the original ErogeDownload post suggested. So therefore, I can't play :/ Can someone help me out with this? This game looks really good, and it's really annoying that it doesn't want to work for me....
  4. ^ is wrong, I'm feelin' pretty neutral right now v The yandere wants your cake, and your heart forever. How will you react?
  5. ....I'm honestly curious what VN this is now for the sheer lulz that may or may not ensue.
  7. ^ Is probably right that I am not awesome /self deprecation V Now wants chocolate cake delivered to them, with a special prize inside: a loli in all her flat-chested glory
  8. My absolute favorite is Touhou, mostly because it's been a huuuuuuuuge part of my life, and I love the characters. My second favorite is Rune Factory/Harvest Moon -- somewhat due to the dating sim mechanics in the games, plus, they're just relaxing =.=
  9. Heh, it's okay, I suck at paying attention too, so I know how it feels~ ^^;;
  10. ^ Thinks that I'd know what the hell that bobodisconlated meant.
  11. I'm that guy who's a girl who prefers to take the identity of a guy who gets killed all the time :3 And so I'm forever a mystery~
  12. Are you into the classic UR: EXAMPLES such as Sekai or Kotonoha from School Days, or are you into a more new and fresh variant? Discuss it here. My favorite is Lucy from Elfen Lied, she's sort of a UR thing, but, eh, she's my yandere of choice.
  13. https://erogegames.com/social/anime-lobby/290-what-anime-would-you-like-see-eroge/ Um...
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