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  1. No, just like most of us, i don't want to be label pedo. I try to explain it to my friends once, but since they are not really interested in anime and such, they apply logic to it.
  2. Haven't play a VN since my pc went kaput a couple of month ago. The last VN i play is Grisaia, i think. Damn it, life. As for Grisaia no Kajitsu, the VN and the protagonist remind me of Sharin no Kuni. Makes me wonder what will happen if the two protagonist cross path.
  3. Ivs


    Base on Chinese student's real life? So this is true story? Finally, the day has come when real life story adapted to VN.
  4. I see, thanks for answering my question. And i agree with you that child abuse in foster home is common everywhere. But actually i am not talking about child abuse though, just adoption in general. Oh thanks, i like GS Mikami, thats why i use Yokoshima as my avatar. You know, the more he lust for woman, the more powerful he get.
  5. Ask a Japanese! This is a good thread. I have a question, what do you think about adoption? I heard from some dude in tumblr i think, that in the past, japanese people really care about bloodline and think very little about adoption. Is it true?
  6. "Ivs is dere dere!" - what..... (o_0) "Dear Ivs, I've always adored your great face. I want your body. Thanks. -Love, Anonymous" - Holy hell...! A machine stalk me!!!!
  7. I don't understand, so i am thinking of psyduck.... The emoticon one.
  8. Monster x Monster, Monster Musume and KissXSis.
  9. ^ seeing at your profile on the left. I am not surprise. Lol. (^_~)
  10. i agree, seeing how the manga stay at the top of best seller rank several time already, by default the anime should be as good right.
  11. monster musume. latest chapter is great. i hope mero will not leave anytime soon. it would be shame to lose her.
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