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  1. Because, WE NEED MOAR!! like, more pics to * on.
  2. hey, awk~ you have time? lets talk in IRC :D

  3. coz' he's not too awesome enough OR he is too awesome. just too much. --- anyways, i'm awkwardusername. my name is not really awkward at all though, and it is a username, that is, they say, awkward. thank you very much.
  4. YEAH! foreach( loli pool in lolidom) while(me.isAlive) swim();
  5. ha. that's too small for us to fit in.
  6. "I think the big breasted lolis break the concept of lolis itself" - Harkoz I think so too. anyways, if its a loli, it is a loli. tyvm. no questions asked!
  7. what we do here? We swim in a pool of lolis. thank you very much.
  8. flat. flat. flat. a loli is the best when flat. as a board.
  9. srsly??? hell yeah! that's super awesome! tho, yeah. i want Seinarukana, LB Ecstasy, Flyable Heart, and every visual novel existing to be translated. TYVM.
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