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  1. Yea I found the Google translated one, I was fixing it but after alittle while my head was splitting open, from the bad english translation..
  2. pretty much what the title is.. my google-fu is failing me, Thanks!
  3. Looks like Mangagamer has put up a new DRM, it seems its going to be like V-mate, when will companies ever learn nothing is "un-reverseengineerable"
  4. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU I am sooo glad you found this and shared it, I played this game though ALOT and it was a great game then, but now with the voices, now i get to see if the voices in my head for using them match up with the ones they used. again thanks!!!!
  5. I agree, been wanting that to get translated for awhile now (bit of a shuffle fanboy)
  6. For Eternity ~Somber song~ Koihime Musou ryo.s world For eternity The battle songs from Princess Waltz (I still think that VN needs to be made into an anime or a series of OVAs)
  7. playing Hoshizora no Memoria atm... while I will say its almost as long as Family Project and maybe once in awhile long winded. I think its damn near the prefect game/story. I mean while I think Aoi's route seemed alittle forced, and alittle harsh considering she turned into such a character. the prologe was a tiny bit weak. And Chinami's IMO felt incomplete. BUt, all the rest of the storys are wonderful, they make you go up and down makes for one heck of an emotional roller-coaster. Also love how it ends up building on eachother, slowly giving you a more complete picture of the people and
  8. i wish the impact of windows 8 is that everyone tells billgates to F--- himself about making so we lose more control over the computer every patch... If I didn't want any control over my computer I would have gone with a Mac
  9. i hope they do, loved the first one, but no more no voice "unless we get XXXX sales"
  10. Infinite Stratos this soo needs to be a VN... Char route!!!! Char Route!!!
  11. its not yuri, and you dont see the main protage because you can be male or female it doesn't really change much also its not a eroge, its just a all-age VN
  12. Yes i second this, 5 girls and even a Harem end
  13. I agree Lilly was my fav. Also going though the route a second time.... during the last scene when she is slowly walking to his bed... could just feel her wanting to run to him but can't you know...
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