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  1. We don't do translation. Why don't you learn Japanese instead? lol
  2. Lots of things to prepare, I might have to reschedule my wedding to July.

  3. What the fuck happens while I'm not around? Oh gawd~
  4. Ayakashibito. Fuck everything else. Off topic: So none of the 2014 story oriented VNs made it into the top 5, eh. lol
  5. You posted your survey in VNDB, and they have raised a lot of things regarding your survey, mainly about how bias and ignorant it was. Link Now, why don't you go and respond to the feedback in that board before you come and post it here. I don't feel the need in completing such a survey.
  6. But he's replying to Chipp, who replied to Hunter2x2 post about Neko Para translation that was linked by Harle. . . Am I wrong? Oh crap, it came out during my busiest week. Just great....
  7. I just find it amusing how he seriously trying to prove it over some jokes. (Obviously I know it is 100% done. Duh)
  8. What exactly are you trying to show me? All that the link shows is page not found. You're imagining things.
  9. He said he's a new translator, so he must have at least translated something. O:
  10. After reading this post, I really can't wait to see your translation instead.
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