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  1. Protip: Your body can only fall asleep once your skin reaches the same temperature as your body's core temperature. In other words, you fall asleep once your body is basically the same temperature throughout. This is why people sleep with blankets (plus it's comfy) and trying to sleep in a hot/cold environment sucks. The best way I've found to get this to happen is to have your room be pretty cool, sit there for like five minutes to adjust to the coolness, then get into a cool bed. As your body warms the bed up, your skin gets warmer and you get sleepier, until your body equalizes and you fall
  2. I've played 1, 4, 5, 6, 12, 13, and 13-2, and I'd have to say my favorite is probably 4 or 5. I'm one of the few people that enjoyed 12, 13, and 13-2, and didn't really like 6 so much.
  3. I really hope it is Rance Quest; the rance translation project has hit hard times for a while now and I had almost given up on seeing it translated...
  4. This game is unmistakably a nukige; there's been like four h-scenes in the first half an hour lol. Don't come into this one looking for any sort of plot
  5. I hope I'm on the clear winning side this time. Catgirl fans unite! ....even though I would be voting demon girl....
  6. If you read the manga up to its finish, you'll understand why the authors decided to end it. I don't think they were made to end it (I remember reading somewhere that Bakuman is/was the seventh most popular manga in Japan, which is certainly saying something considering how many series are running across all of the magazines in circulation); instead, I think the authors just thought it was time to end it. Again, go read it to the finish and you'll understand, which points out how cool it is that the authors could explain why the manga is ending within the manga lol
  7. A quick search on hentaifromhell came up with like seven Inuboshi works, one of which is a tankobon. Just thought I'd help out
  8. You took out the demon girl option... ...so I decided to vote for a catgirl. If only, if only...
  9. I haven't read the end of Negima either, so I won't comment on it (but everyone else's comments make me worried- I want it to end well based on where I left off like two years ago). But I think Bakuman deserves some attention as well. I've read that series every week since it began, and I'm really sad to see it end. They ended it on a good note, but I really wanted to see mashiro and azuki's married life!! Even if it was for a couple last chapters, I wanted to see more interaction between the two. But I guess part of their charm is that they never got to actually see each other, so having scen
  10. My thought process went something like this: 'Mermaids are too fishy, catgirl would probably be good, elves and angels are both too aloof, and demons... well actually, a demon girl would be the best for me. I'll vote that.' I can see why everybody voted angel, but to me they just seem to aloof or cold, maybe even self important. I'll stick by my demon girl vote, but on the grounds that she's one of the 'good' demons that isn't the kind that kills people or sleeps around, which I know seems like something that goes against the archetype. I guess what it boils down to is that the demon girl opti
  11. Yeah, it's been a long time since I played AG3; I only made about 9 or so characters, and I tried to give all of them the trait that makes them more proactive through gameplay. As a result, I'm basically unable to do anything in my first world except for H with the world's four girls all in a row. Why did I have to give some of them keen intuition? They find me no matter where I go to get away from them lol
  12. Wait, you can do that!? I don't remember being able to go outside the standard 1-100% range. Wouldn't 999% take up the whole room or something? How is she supposed to fit through doorways? You know what, just nevermind, there are too many questions to ask lol
  13. The multiplayer is actually pretty fun, but I can see how it could get boring if I play it too much (the repetition of gameplay gets kinda obvious after a while). The level cap is 20 for each character right? I've only got a lvl 14 human male soldier right now lol
  14. There is definitely such a thing as too big, but you'd have to try really hard to find ones that are too small.
  15. As has been said, first season is hilarious if you don't focus on the mahou shoujo stuff (which is admittedly difficult because they have Ayumu transform seemingly every episode and it's pretty disturbing to watch lol, although the other characters reactions to his appearance are great). I haven't actually watched any of the second season yet; I think I'll wait till it's all out and marathon it
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