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  1. VNH join us in discord \o/ i missed u :c

  2. thanks pasa <3 <3 <3

  3. aw thanks so much fwuffy <3

  4. sobs i want a real picture of you!

  5. thanks cru3l for being strange about it

  6. sank you da very much <3

  7. thanks fwuffy <3 i think idk why im being congratz for my b-day o-o'

  8. thanks switch ... i think that was kind of disturbing but yea thanks

  9. thanks rin (:

  10. hey maoh i havent seen you in forever and i was wondering what should i name you as on credits

  11. Hey helv can you send me the sprites from your vn maoh said i can use it for the game im making.


    and how come you never responded to me when i said happy birthday to you on skype ;-;

  12. naw its just like normal space invader game its just practice for my programming

  13. hey maoh i hope you dont mind but im going to use your chibi's for my space invader game (will pit your name in credits) and if you decide that you dont want me to use it i'll remove it immediately :D

  14. did you give her details on what each character is suppose to look like or is she winging this

  15. i thought i sent you a whole bunch of pictures of her drawings did you forget? o-o' well heres one of her recent ones https://scontent-b-sjc.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-frc3/1526727_10201512577920695_574360823_n.jpg

  16. helv my friend said she emailed you but she still hasnt heard a response on what you said

  17. Happy Birthday! o/

  18. happy birthday! o/

  19. Happy birthday shiro <3 i miss your voice ;-;

  20. thanks <3 sorry for late response was gone all weekend

  21. thanks <3 sorry for late response was gone all weekend i didnt fap all weekend so boop :p

  22. thanks <3 sorry for late response was gone all weekend and yay a picture of me \o/

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