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  1. VNH join us in discord \o/ i missed u :c

  2. just imagine recettear without dungeoning (technically there is dungeoning but its just you setting off the adventurer to go dungeoning for you for 3 days and you come back hoping he /she wasnt a retard and cleared the dungeon) and you battle other shops to see who can make the most
  3. はつゆきさくら [Hentai game] [120224] [sAGA PLANETS] ??????? ????? + Update 1.01 + Bonus OST + Manual [No DVD Patch] [No Region Loader]
  4. we dont translate VN's here we just post translated VN's
  5. https://www.mediafire.com/?ntj3iwfb7ah1b7b download this torrent instead its already patched for ya
  6. thanks pasa <3 <3 <3

  7. aw thanks so much fwuffy <3

  8. its like fire emblem or final fantasy tactics if you ever played them Download english hentai games - Kamidori Alchemy Meister kind of like risk the board game if you ever played it Download english hentai games - Sengoku Rance
  9. [Hentai game] [150529] [PeasSoft] 中二病な彼女の恋愛方程式 + OP & Drama CD + Getchu Bonus + Scans you know theres not english patch for it right? if so then here ya go c:
  10. some say im addicted to trove and i agree with them sadly enough
  11. sobs i want a real picture of you!

  12. thanks cru3l for being strange about it

  13. sank you da very much <3

  14. thanks fwuffy <3 i think idk why im being congratz for my b-day o-o'

  15. thanks switch ... i think that was kind of disturbing but yea thanks

  16. thanks rin (:

  17. any other way to do this besides virtual box? o:
  18. hur de hur anime expo wooooooooo
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