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  1. Finally someone decided to translate Snow and I'm really looking forward to it.
  2. Wait a minute, Aonatsu Line won't have sexual content, since i can't see any 18+ tag on it.
  3. Henta20

    Amayui Castle Meister

    I fine it readable and i understand everything. I don't notice much of MTL in translation.
  4. So just you know Nursery Rhyme it's now 70% edited
  5. Nice and I'm looking forward to play Akatsuki no Goe in English.
  6. That's great to hear, I'm going to give game a try.
  7. It's seems someone have translate this VN Wizard's Climber | vndb and it have completed english patch. I wonder how good translation it's.
  8. What it's Nekonyan 2 Secret Project 4 - Announced Secret Project 5 - Announced?
  9. Hmm i'm confused when it comes to Slow Damage. It don't have any bloody tags and it seems have bloody scene when you look at cover. Does it have any bloody scene? How much blood are the compare to Sweet Pool?
  10. So does it mean you mostly use PC? I didn't know that, it's too bad I don't own PS4 anymore.
  11. It's it just me or have vn get more popular in West on console like Switch and PS4, I'm not sure about Xbox one or Xbox Serie X and S. It's seems we are getting more VN on console lately. We just got Root Double Crime Days and soon we are getting Autumn Journeys on Switch. We have Clannad, Tomoya After, The Fruit of Grisaia, Phantom Trigger and many other VN on Switch. I'm very happy with that, since I enjoy play VN on Switch. I hope we are getting more VN in West on console. I have four favorite VN I hope get on Switch. 1. Kanon(I know it might not be possible, but I hop
  12. Yes finally a new prologue patch for Akatsuki no Goei, it have always been me dream to play Akatsuki no Goei, so I'm going to give prologue patch a try and I hope Daybreak finish translate game.
  13. I request Quantum Suicide by Cotton Candy Cyanide. Here you can buy it Save 25% on Quantum Suicide on Steam
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