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Rate the avatar above you!

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9/10. I wasn't too big on SAO when it went REALLY mainstream but I like the art style. and the avatar above you Dubs is Sachi from Grisaia no Kajitsu :D


Elaborate on when it went mainstream? ;s I liked it because it wasn't one of those typical "let's throw tons of fan service in there show them some tits and some panty shots and make them think about sex" anime's and the romanced relationship was sort of cute :L and thank you, I knew she looked familiar but I couldn't put my finger on who it was for the life of me >.>


Also now that I remember who she is I'll change it to a 9/10

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4/10... It really looks like the resolution of that image has been cut down just in order for you to have it as an avatar and it's pretty much impossible to read the text or see what the image actually is... ;s



Here have a enlarged version... well big enough so you can read it and see it, I'm not a nice guy so I'm not going to make it large enough.


~Words of wisdom~

"Nice people don't get anywhere in life"

And for Nobu, shit if that also represents who you are... you just went -1k/10

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