• Koi iro Chu! Lips

    Haruka is just your average high school student idly coasting through his life. His mornings generally start with a delivery from his childhood friend and neighbor Mirai, who has an inexplicable hate for him. His daily commute is interrupted by the cheerful and forever-in-love Nagisa, who never misses an opportunity to profess her undying love for him. At school he spends time with his good friend Ikuya, a bit of a pervy moron, often finding himself in trouble with his mature yet cute Sensei Shizuku.

    His lazy days continue on and on, until until a chance encounter with a mysterious pot changes his life forever...... How will his things ever return to normal?!

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    1. Just playing's Avatar
      Just playing -
      At last i was waiting for this

      i love you ivan
    1. Kaze's Avatar
      Kaze -
      so yuu is a bitch
    1. Whitetragedy's Avatar
      Whitetragedy -
      This visual novel contains... magical pots?
    1. Outpost Omega J's Avatar
      Outpost Omega J -
      First noted on 6/25/14 (It is only a few minutes past midnight local time for me, so you could argue 6/24/14)
    1. Outpost Omega J's Avatar
      Outpost Omega J -
      (Warning! Minor spoiler for the game Brave Soul! Skip reading this post if you care about such things!)

      Quote Originally Posted by Whitetragedy View Post
      This visual novel contains... magical pots?
      The game Brave Soul, also on this site involves a magical pot.

      How else do you imprison incorporeal spirits?
    1. PandaeMang's Avatar
      PandaeMang -
      These are the eyes of yanderes.
    1. Aran's Avatar
      Aran -
      this game also has heavy spelling/grammar errors so if thats going to be an issue dont read it.
    1. nicetomeet's Avatar
      nicetomeet -
      anyone care to give me your thought about this game?
      I want to download it but still unsure...
    1. Aran's Avatar
      Aran -
      nicetomeet: it was ok. if ivan hasnt updated the english patch you need t oget it off their site. biggest issue i had was the removal of a route for english version, lack of a spell check and at one point i went through a scene twice like it was suppose to do that.

    1. tubehunter's Avatar
      tubehunter -
      I experienced the twice scene too, must be a bug in programming.
      Also, is there a route for the class rep? I think she's the cutest one...
    1. denwatls's Avatar
      denwatls -
      Aran, you appear to have read the partial patch, which was not in a completed state and was primarily released to show that we were actually working on a project. I would strongly recommend reading the complete patch, hosted on the denwatls site, before commenting on it in detail. For example, no paths were removed from the game; Misaki's was translated in the final patch and we left Nagisa's bad end as PeasSoft left it; commented out of the game. The game did receive a full spell-check for final release although it is possible that some things were missed; keep in mind that some grammatical 'errors' may be intentional depending on how the character spoke. Finally, The game does reuse scenes depending on the choices in the common route, so 'scene reuse' is entirely possible if not playing in a single session, you would have to give more detail to assess if it was actually an error in the patch or not.
    1. tubehunter's Avatar
      tubehunter -
      He's not talking about scene reuse.
      I have encountered it, when a group of sentences were displayed twice.
      It's not a result of reloading or anything.
    1. chasesparrow's Avatar
      chasesparrow -
      denwatIs, while I'm normally on the admin's side, there really is way too many spelling and grammar errors here to really say it was a proper check; not including the speech patterns you're referring to, they were quite obvious derps...that being said, it wasn't unreadable as some people were trying to make it sound. I personally found it far more enjoyable than I thought I would, the stories I've read so far (Mirai, Misaki, Shizuka) are all pretty good. Not excellent, but among the better VNs I've read. 8/10.

      The scene (I assume) they're referring to involves Ikuya by the shoe lockers; it involves a possible programming bug, and was during either Misaki or Shizuka's paths. The scene would play once, after which the log would display a scene referral message and loop once before continuing the story.

      On a less serious note, I know I've heard (possibly something similar if not same) 'Track 15 - Sorry' before...for some reason it really reminds me of Air.
    1. denwatls's Avatar
      denwatls -
      Thanks chasesparrow, that's a place to start. Do you remember anything else about it? For example, do you remember what they were talking about, or did the error only appear in the backlog? I did a quick pass over the paths and didn't have anything pop up, and having a little more detail would (ideally) shorten the time for finding it.
    1. kazemiya's Avatar
      kazemiya -
      hee~ttooo~ sorry... is the bug had been fixed?
    1. Gorin's Avatar
      Gorin -
      Hello Everyone, dont know why i have a problem with this eroge, it just does not start,
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