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  1. Don't think we need moderators at this stage of the forum yet, give it some time first.
  2. Thread for those of you who play regular video games, and want to share their steam/xbox/psn name in order to add eachother and play something online. If i game it's on PC most of the time, have a ps3 aswell but i rarely play online on it. Steam id: Caelistas PSN: Caelistus
  3. this commment was made of win
  4. Almost had to spew out my drink when i read this, lol.
  5. If you want i can spam you like crazy
  6. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann ftw! Go spiral races.
  7. Same, i want monster girl quest 2 noaw Also, is SWTOR worth the monthly price, i've been thinking about buying it but i REALLY hate montly payments, that's why i can't wait for GW2 & Diablo 3
  8. Could be interesting. Can you do that with vbulletin forums? Dunno really
  9. 5 years ago if stumbled onto a eroge game, can't recall the name really but it was about some kid who got nursed privately at home by a hot girl (ofcourse) and ultimatly had sex with her (surprises surprise). After that i read some other eroges, and the ball kept rolling. Although i do now prefer a good story above countless h-scenes, that has definitly changed in contrast to 5 years ago.
  10. Also Why are you ranting about users off another forum?
  11. Sorry but you smell an awfull lot like a bad troll, excuse me if i'm incorrect. People can have wathever nicknames they want, it's called freedom of speech.
  12. Agreed, i fuckin hate NTR, i feel sick when i see that shit
  13. Shoutbox definitly. Also add a small anime section if you could, for those of us who want to discuss anime.
  14. I lolled at Dear S, then you must be the 1% that actually liked it. Dear S is wellknown for being one of the worst anime's ever.
  15. Clannad Spice & Wolf Utaweremono Amagami SS Bakemonogotari Durarara Busou Renkin Elemental Gelade Eureka Seven Sola Katanagatari Myself Yourself The world god only knows
  16. G senjou no Maou and non-eroge: Ever 17
  17. Temporary Guidelines Courtesy: Show your fellow members the courtesy they deserve and avoid getting into fights/conflicts as much as possible. If a member is being rude to you, ignore them or talk to either Ivan or a mod and they will resolve it for you. Also, please try to limit the use of vulgar and foul language, like when discussing an eroge situation (they do have sex scenes). If you find it difficult to stay calm after reading the same question for the fifth time in a week, let somebody else respond. Handle inexperienced members with special patience. There is a first time fo
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