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  1. Because, WE NEED MOAR!! like, more pics to * on.
  2. coz' he's not too awesome enough OR he is too awesome. just too much. --- anyways, i'm awkwardusername. my name is not really awkward at all though, and it is a username, that is, they say, awkward. thank you very much.
  3. YEAH! foreach( loli pool in lolidom) while(me.isAlive) swim();
  4. ha. that's too small for us to fit in.
  5. "I think the big breasted lolis break the concept of lolis itself" - Harkoz I think so too. anyways, if its a loli, it is a loli. tyvm. no questions asked!
  6. what we do here? We swim in a pool of lolis. thank you very much.
  7. flat. flat. flat. a loli is the best when flat. as a board.
  8. srsly??? hell yeah! that's super awesome! tho, yeah. i want Seinarukana, LB Ecstasy, Flyable Heart, and every visual novel existing to be translated. TYVM.
  9. with rainmeter! well, i just got a picture of inori, then did some edits (actually, pasting it on a white widescreen background) then, voila! it's here!
  10. well, awesome name is awesome.

  11. I think, graphics and story are my top qualities in liking (and continue playing) VNs. Nakige games are the best for me, then everything follows.
  12. Ha. awkwardusername has never been, and will never be caught! /me is an expert when it comes to espionage.
  13. Fallout!


    /me loves that game!

  14. And yeah. We are friends. Although, Maou made it first. Mine is created, 30 seconds after his group's inception. And it was my mistake to not to switch the tabs and finding out, the group for lolicons has already been created. anyways, for the meantime, erm.. whatever. XD
  15. ha. Well, as i could try to remember... I was lying down on bed. Then i thought i could watch anime. Then i did watch anime. Then i think i could try IRC. Then i did IRC. Then one day, i think i could do explore more moe. Then i found them. in Visual Novels. Then I found erogedownload.com. I think, that may be the trigger to my VN life. Then i downloaded Saya no Uta, Sharin no Kuni. Then, erm... everything just happened. and it's fun.
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