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    is the eng patch r+ and complete ?
  2. Happy Birthday.

  3. Happy birthday dude!

  4. Happy Birthday!

  5. How to do step by step ..... 0. Go int to your home 1. Press Remodel 2. Press Expand Room / Store / Workshop or Reclaim Yard To Upgrade them you need Soil, Stone, Orb, Wood, ... (I don`t remember ... ) U can find them in mine or in the woodland, etc or make them like Good Stone, Grade A Stone, etc, bla bla bla That`s all
  6. Here`s the link : Kamidori Full CG save.zip PS: How to use - Download and extract it - Open Saveopen.exe and it will open the save game file in local in case u don`t know about it (C:\Users\"Your currnet name"\AppData\Local\Eushully\神採りアルケミーマイスター\save) - Back up your Save.dat in the save game folder - Overwrite your Save.dat with the one i give you - Done
  7. That`s what i`m talking about Foursome scenes involving the gothic outfits
  8. NOPE The extra story gives u the threesome scene with Melodiana and Elizasleyn
  9. Q: How to get the harem ending >.
  10. The complete patch is out hoshimemo_full_english_patch_1_0.exe OK Where is the download link for the game ???
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