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  1. Speaking of kitchen... CSMT taught me to use cold water in cleaning after chopping meats to prevent growth of bacteria.... warm water promotes it..
  2. Your options could be 1. Reinstall. 2. Redownload. * special note, I think this needs to run as admin right? Rather than simply clicking the exe. you should still to "install" it the way you install a software.
  3. The anime adaptation reflects it!!! They're existence makes me don't wanna play it.... unless there are owesome sex scenes
  4. Knowing that "he is a real guy in the first place" makes me don't wanna play it... Indirect Yaoi.
  5. Most animes portraits Asian people... therefore being an Asian as well I go for black
  6. Girls should only playing eroge otomes only... Seeing your girlfriend drooling over "Sono Hanabira" would surely turn you off.
  7. Answering the thread question. It depends on the plot and the owesomeness of every CGs
  8. Hiroshi of Family Project>> he's destroying my harem!!!
  9. Which of the two are you currently trying to play? I played CSMT without errors by simply installing it... By the way.. I downloaded mine months before the "reuploading action" done regaring fileserve last month... By the way its a good game...
  10. I loved Sailormoon when I was a kid but now... Ughh Thank God, it'll end and I hope Naruto does as well.... come on... everything has to end
  11. It only occured on BB1... It's mountable because it looked like a daemon tool but later it's plain winzip file icon (imean the game)
  12. Kinda the same... mounting through Daemon worked only ones then.. its not mountable any more... plus you can't save it the way it was before.
  13. I played BB1 without Daemon by simply installing it... Then I discovered it could be mounted with Daemon... BB2 is installed without Daemon.. not sure.. I finished the game last year...
  14. What I learned? besides, having to have new fetishes (lolz), hmmmm, you can only lay on many girls in fantasy....
  15. I hate eroge that involves "rape" as the main plot... "gang rape" is shit".. brutality is a no! no! ....otome... duh?! I'm a guy. loloz And... why is there no option for Yuri and Yaoi... Well honestly, I only play Yuri for the SEX SCENES!!!! but in general I hate it.... I HATE YAOI, duh I'm a guy!!
  16. All EROGE games that will be made into anime will surely fall in either ECCHI (romance comedy action etc )or HENTAI category....
  17. I got the futanari teacher and student... damn... It's so hot!!! kinda short... I finding the maid futanari, it's like 1.3gbs but with more girls.. thinking its three maids girls
  18. Romance, comedy, vanilla if any and possible...do I need to mention ecchi?
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