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    Well, the title says it all really. Actually, why have I created this group? I think I'm just bored. Oh well. Don't forget to take part in group discussions if you want.
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    For those of us who have nothing better to do then posting in the shoutbox all day long. EDIT: Everyone free to join
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    This group is for those who find themselves inexplicably attracted to the older, more mature, or bustier heroines in eroge. For those of us that just can't resist the call of a mature woman in real life or in 2D.
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    Its time to rise and kill all those NTR's bitch!! let rain of fire burn them down~
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    For all the worthy followers that bow to the goddess that is Sumika. Sumika is the entity that keeps us going. Sumika is a legendary goddess that commands your love. Let's say the chant of our goddess.. "Drill Milky Punch!!"
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