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  1. For now I want to know what are your thoughts on Sengoku? I personally think she is really sweet, but of course Araragi does not see her as someone he might. By that I mean he is always occupied with thoughts of Hanekawa and Senjougahara, he as far as I have seen tries to avoid giving Sengoku any hope that they might date. It is obvious that Sengoku likes Araragi as all the girls do, though Araragi is with Senjougahara I think even if Senjougahara was not there he would date Hanekawa before even considering Sengoku and Kanbaru, and of course poor Hachikuji is too young and a ghost T.T

    So what do you think?

  2. Hey, just an update on how I'm doing with reading the novel so far: I doing fine, but yeah I was too naive in how long it would take me I forgot to consider the fact that it is not the only thing I will be doing. Right now I'm on 005 I think I'll give you more updates later so we can talk about it.

  3. I was looking at your avatar, profile pictures etc. I must say you have some good taste :cool:

  4. Oh and is your profile pic Megurine Luka? She look smexy~ :)

  5. Yeah, I have been wondering the same thing as Haiki. I mean I think those are Vocaloids, but I want to be sure. I can see who I think is Meiko, Miku and Kaito, but I'm unsure.

  6. Hey, welcome *sends FR* :cool:

  7. I've started playing Melty Blood AACC 1.7 and I used to play Act Cadenza. I know for Cadenza I had to use mbcaster to play online and had that set up, but I'm not sure if the same is for AACC(Actress Again Current Code). Do I have to use mbcaster or a different program for AACC?

  8. Haha~

    I chose Ao because it is the japanese word for blue :)

  9. K, ................night

  10. Thanks for the recommendation I'll see when I can get started on it.

    I'm happy I made it in time before you read that doujin. :D

  11. I have not read Family Project yet, I'm just not sure when to start it.

  12. Please never read The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya - Melancholy Princess hentai doujin

    It is awful to see the characters broken in that doujin and I still get depressed over it, I don't want you to also see Miku, Yuki and Haruhi broken along with other female characters.....the ending was just too sad. :(

  13. Yeah, I like a good Kuudere too :3

    I also like getting a Kuudere to slowly realize their feeling for a character it makes me very happy :)

  14. Ecchi profile and avatar pics~ ;)

  15. Hmm, I see......I guess you don't like repeating backgrounds? I'm okay with them, but it would be nice having the option to auto-scale :cool:

  16. Sup SaruDa, I can't tell if I have seen that character in your background; but hey it looks really peaceful :D

  17. Yo Melancholic, is that KuroNeko as your avatar? Even if it is not cute avatar ;D

  18. And yeah I also read the story in Araragi's voice (I prefer calling him Araragi like a lot of the characters), though when other characters speak I use there voice. Since it is in Araragi's point of view which I've grown used to the story feels very natural, I can picture it as if I was watching an anime episode. I'm sure you also read it as if you were watching an anime episode even with all the weird camera angles and animations they use like Hachikuji's toonish smile or the random empty black screens with a bunch of text that either say "missing scene" or describe every thing they are about to say or do, are thinking or extra info.

    Sorry about the huge response it is just good to see how much you also like the series and I'm happy you asked my opinion. I hope this answers the question, I do have more things I can add if you want.....though all I know is from what I have seen in Bakemonogatari and Nisemonogatari. :D

  19. Hmm, it is just my opinion.....but I think he chose Senjougahara because the more he got to know her the more and more fragile he saw she was. She kept trying to hide things behind a strong facade and after knowing so much about her and helping her he decided he wanted to protect her. Though it may seem that Senjougahara can take care of herself, she really does rely on Araragi a lot and seeks comfort in him. At times Senjougahara may seem like she will kill Araragi without a moments hesitation like she often says, I think it would actually be very difficult for her if not impossible. Like they both say a lot in Nisemonogatari so far as I've seen they are both hopelessly in love with each other. Plus I think Araragi and Senjougahara understand each other and worry about each other the most.

  20. Hi, yeah that does look like a good game...though I don't know Japanese all I can say is the art style looks good XD

  21. Oh and I thought you would be using white hair girls with red eyes? Hmm....does that mean you like Makoto more than your usual preferences? Though I'm probably reading into things too much :cool:

  22. Oh and I like how descriptive the story is, I was laughing at how descriptive it was of Hanekawa's pantsu~

    Lol, it makes me wanna see her pantsu~ , well at least imagination fills in the blanks :D

  23. Haha, don't worry I definitely won't miss the appearance of one of my favorite characters. Thanks for the pdf link I'll check it out and see which I prefer.

    So far, I'm about done with his first encounter with Hanekawa, thanks to watching the anime I can picture the hole thing even Araragi's weird mannerisms in how he exaggerates thing and his little stray hair is always moving when he talks, stands straight when he makes exclamations or is swaying in the wind. Hmm, well Araragi is not the only one to exaggerate things everyone tends to do so in this series XD

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