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  1. Fuck my life... 22nd of April: after years of making do with a barely working machine I finally get to order a new PC! It'll take the store two weeks to receive all the components and assemble the thing for me (I'm lazy/inept). Three weeks later when I call them for a status update they suddenly realize they somehow forgot to order the case I wanted. I tell them the case doesn't matter to me as long as it's decent, so they go ahead and order a different one that will take them two additional weeks to get regardless. After over a month the PC is finally finished. When I plug it in the ke
  2. Dangerous. Of course I'm all for this law in its current form, and glad they seem able to make a distinction between reality and fiction (unlike some governments) but I'm still more worried for my lolis than I've ever been since there are apparently groups actively campaigning against them... All the angry commenters calling for a ban on anime and manga across a variety of news sources aren't helping. Edit: Somehow missed: Somewhat less depressed now!
  3. I ordered a new PC. One whole month and countless delays later, the company is not answering their phone (or my e-mails) on the day it was supposed to finally be ready. I am displeased!
  4. I recommend J-List on the basis that the owner writes the best, most informative newsletters in the world.
  5. Yay! Oh. Nevermind. Let me guess: they'll send cease and desist orders to anyone translating the full version?
  6. How does one sell out the entire first printing of their game in under an hour and NOT have it leaked onto the internet several hours later? Less playing and more uploading, Japan.
  7. ... I really hope we get another properly translated Eushully game at some point. They're so good...
  8. I thought we created marriage as a means to ensure people still have someone to feed off of after they've grown too old, infertile and ugly to entice a partner through natural means. I'm just an idiot though.
  9. Madoka Movie 3 was fantastic until that happened, and now I'm in a confusing place between loving and hating it. :
  10. http://i.imgur.com/Xc7cwGt.png Artwork by ke-ta, master of lesbian touhous. "Windows 98?!!" No.
  11. Fortune Summoners is so good. It's like a mix of K-ON! and Zelda II, with a surprisingly deep combat system and really pretty pixel art. Amazingly everything except a couple of CGs was made by one man. One man who was screwed over so hard by his publishing partner for this game it forced him to retire from making games and get an office job, so the other two chapters of this story will never be told... I'd also like everyone to take a look at this exercise in pointless censorship and Carpe Fulgur's... problematic... attitude that made me boycott them.
  12. I've been a big fan of the Ys series (and its awesome music) for years. I unfortunately don't own any consoles, so I'm stuck with the ones on Steam. Of those, Ys Origin is probably my favorite. I like the pre-Fall of Ys setting, the focus on the Goddesses, and Yunica's adorableness. It's also a lot less unforgiving than The Oath in Felghana. It's a shame Ys I is so archaic in its controls, since that's the one most newcomers would probably start with (and subsequently give up on). Even Ys II is way more advanced, with its larger world and magic system. I'd encourage everyone that is on t
  13. Sick of posts in the vein of "It has an anime art style, but if you look past that it's actually a surprisingly good game." Surprising why? Sick of stupid censorship. If your target audience takes offense at lolis, stop localizing games with lolis in them. Sick of the ongoing debate on sexism in videogames. I shouldn't have to explain this one. Sick of CrunchyRoll slowly murdering the anime fansub community. I swear these feel like the end times...
  14. Can't be of much help since I never used that site myself, but I assume you've been here? One assumes a registered member can upgrade to a premium account there.
  15. Oh snap, that looks fantastic. I know trailers are deceiving, but the animation looks even sexier than Fate/Zero. How soon do you all suppose is "soon"? I didn't expect this show for another year at least. I hope Yuki Kajiura will do the music again. Not entirely sure about the oontz in the second half of the video.
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