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  1. Ok, so I'm thinking about dropping this anime soon because I just can't stand to look at Haruyuki (Male lead). The way he looks bothers me so I was looking around to see any pictures where he might look better like a "what he should look like" picture. I found this: So I think the guy to the left is Haruyuki? Is that him just drawn differently? I think that is what his avatar looked like before he lost it I just need some confirmation. Edit: Kuroyukihime looks so great why must she be wasted on Haru T.T
  2. I started Kamidori three days ago, it is probably the reason I have not logged on here that much. I'm so into it once I start playing I can't easily stop, Yuela is my favorite.
  3. Started liking this opening a lot recently, can't stop >. [video=youtube;SLeov-a0Mg4]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SLeov-a0Mg4&feature=related
  4. Well Shinji appears in Fate Stay Night so I guess that counts. I hate him too.
  5. Owari da- short for It's over/ This is the end (Love it when Itachi says it) Ore wa-I will Mate - Wait/Stop Orewa mamoru - I will fight Shinjite - Believe Bento - Lunch Irashai/Irashaimasen - A greeting to customers Domo - short thank you or reply when introduced Jutsu - technique Ippai - A lot/full Kurama - Car Ona heta - I'm full Henai - weird Please correct me if I'm wrong I don't really know how to write the romanji
  6. Then Fumiaki Uchida from Occult Academy appeared and closed the rift.
  7. Gotta say I love it, though I was a little surprised at the toothbrush scene, I loled at how it was working. Good thing Tsukihi showed up or they might have crossed the line between brother and sister, not that I got a problem with that I think Karen is kawaii~
  8. Ryougi Shiki - Kara no Kyoukai Ouma Shu - Guilty Crown Yukiteru - Mirai Nikki Araragi Koyomi - Bakemonogatari Ryner - LoL Heroes Tori Aoi - Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon Yamato Naoe - Maji de Watashi ni Koishinasai Arturia Pendragon (Saber) - Fate Stay Night Hmm, I think I will stop with these I don't want to put too many
  9. Hmm can't really choose, guess I'll post this one since no one has yet: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ip1zVBZzuyM This one and Guilty Crown, are the closest to my favorite openings right now from the anime I am watching.
  10. Hmm for me these not in any order though: Persona Disgaea Final Fantasy Luminous Arc Pokemon and some others I can't quite remember, guess I might not like them as much
  11. For now I want to know what are your thoughts on Sengoku? I personally think she is really sweet, but of course Araragi does not see her as someone he might. By that I mean he is always occupied with thoughts of Hanekawa and Senjougahara, he as far as I have seen tries to avoid giving Sengoku any hope that they might date. It is obvious that Sengoku likes Araragi as all the girls do, though Araragi is with Senjougahara I think even if Senjougahara was not there he would date Hanekawa before even considering Sengoku and Kanbaru, and of course poor Hachikuji is too young and a ghost T.T

    So what do you think?

  12. Hey, just an update on how I'm doing with reading the novel so far: I doing fine, but yeah I was too naive in how long it would take me I forgot to consider the fact that it is not the only thing I will be doing. Right now I'm on 005 I think I'll give you more updates later so we can talk about it.

  13. I was actually going to start Chaos;Head, but I was reading about the Vn and saw that there are some issues with the VN. I'm not sure if that is still the case, I will have to check up on that. I'm looking forward to when I actually do start it. I saw the anime and heard the Vn is waaay~ better.
  14. I was looking at your avatar, profile pictures etc. I must say you have some good taste :cool:

  15. Hmm, "Super Mod" has a nice ring to it. I agree if possible it would be good to have the Mods and someone who oversees them to make sure everything is being done properly.
  16. I also hope it has a good ending, honestly I stopped watching the anime waaaaay~ back, around the Katakura Town battle. I kept reading the manga, but I would never have guessed that the anime would end early. I just hope it has a clear ending not the cliffhanger endings that I have started happening far too often. >.
  17. Oh and is your profile pic Megurine Luka? She look smexy~ :)

  18. Yeah, I have been wondering the same thing as Haiki. I mean I think those are Vocaloids, but I want to be sure. I can see who I think is Meiko, Miku and Kaito, but I'm unsure.

  19. Hey, welcome *sends FR* :cool:

  20. AoFylian

    Song of Saya

    Thanks I was wondering if I would have to go back and see if I missed anything.
  21. I've started playing Melty Blood AACC 1.7 and I used to play Act Cadenza. I know for Cadenza I had to use mbcaster to play online and had that set up, but I'm not sure if the same is for AACC(Actress Again Current Code). Do I have to use mbcaster or a different program for AACC?

  22. AoFylian

    Song of Saya

    I was also wondering those things, but Saya is so cute I'd rather have the screwed up brain for her than see what she looks like normally. I was actually finishing the Vn and got the ending Spoiler--->where Saya turns the world ugly and spreads her seeds
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