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  1. I have KOFXIII and i gotta say it has nice graphics but the roster is disappointing... KOF2002 all the way!!!! and in the arcades i can stay all day playing!!
  2. currently playing hyperdimension mk2 (2nd walkthrough) i just bought FFXIII-2 today but its still sealed lol.....ima return it to Gamestop. Need a ride tho ahhaha so its just sitting there mocking me...
  3. Monster Girl Quest, doubt anime but Hentai is cool too xD but i know its only a dream
  4. I love white but i'm ok with almost all colors except Orange.....I've been hating Orange lately.....However, a character that has Orange hair can also be a character that I can love but its just weird that in some animes, the chars that i've hated, have been characters with orange hair....sorry Orange but ur the guy that got hit by a bullet cause u were caught in the crossfire but Hairstyle also takes an important part.
  5. i downloaded the thing but still haven't played it, i got Hyperdimension Neptunia Mk2 lol maybe when i'm bored with my new game i might play this one but indeed it looks good
  6. and indeed i posted a pic of myself. I saw this guy had one as well and i was like.... http://alltheragefaces.com/img/faces/png/determined-challenge-accepted.png

  7. lol guess i'll go for the first one but by tons of sex well as long as it falls under romantic scenes of sex that make characters reach a deeper bond between them not just sex to appease us.... my opinion.
  8. Hope this is the right place to put this.....ok I want to buy wallscrolls online, I googled and ebay'd and such, but I only see a limited amount of pages that sell em, any1 kind enough to post any page that sells wallscroll that u personally buy from? I had to go as far as buying some Body Pillows and ima make em Wallscroll once I get em. Or if anyone knows of a good page that lets u make custom wallscrolls? Please do tell me. Thanks~ o and also if u know of a good page that sells some nice body pillows besides Milanoo and FTCline please do tell me i'm liking the two sided thing and m
  9. ur forgetting one thing xD Makoto is a Squirrel girl and u know I love monster girls, but i wouldn't call Makoto a Monster, unfortunately that's the category she falls in, but in my eyes shes an angel :D Monster girls get more points than my usual red eyes white hair :p they get 100 points out of 100 but monster girls get like 120 out of 100. ^.^

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