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  1. The base game in English is also free for a limited time on DLSite right now https://www.dlsite.com/maniax/work/=/product_id/RJ332358.html (Not asking for this base game to be uploaded, since the Purfect edition is probably better)
  2. dammit, gambs went full Savior mode and now we don't have tsui no sora anymore gg
  3. kn1000a


    can't believe the day this shows up on EG lol Heard it's a very very good HRPG. The OSTs are enough proof
  4. kn1000a

    Sex and Morning

    enough proof for TL quality : P
  5. from dragenkard 3 apparently. I prefer aoi's voice tbh
  6. Shouldnt muramasa be added to the New Projects this week? As it just got announced.
  7. good thing all images are broken
  8. just found out about Nukitashi OP. Dope references
  9. hpbd



  10. shush, imposter return us the true xana
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