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  1. To play idol manger mods 

    Use C:\Users\!user_name!\AppData\LocalLow\Glitch Pitch\Idol Manager

  2. kolo

    Idol Manager

    Same here. I do Mods, mods, MODS, paste it in game folder, data folder, save folder - nothing works.
  3. There was a unbearably cute sister character in Harukoi Otome, but she looks like a loli. That and the art is comepletely unfapable.
  4. There is a MangaGamer bundle going on indiegala.com, nothing too fancy I'm afraid but it might be worth checking out since it's not your usual Steam castrated stuff: https://www.indiegala.com/sextember
  5. You didn't lose much it isn't really worth spending this 20+ hours to watch something like 5 or 6 cut-scenes that actually add anything interesting to the original P3. As for the SLinks I maxed everything out during 3rd playthrough, hit the deadline with Mitsuru at level 9 during 2nd one. Good thing that you carry over the protagonist's level. In overall I think that P3 is a very good game, a bit annoying at times but still relatively fresh, even now, after P4 that was better in almost every way (except soundtrack).
  6. I have dropped Littlewitch Romanesque since it was a bit annoying trying to get the endings I wanted, checked several VNs until I started Bunny Black. Turns out it's one hell of the funny game! http://img187.imagevenue.com/loc593/th_748412721_bbbadfuck_123_593lo.JPG http://img221.imagevenue.com/loc1056/th_748415690_bbbattleforD_123_1056lo.JPG http://img11.imagevenue.com/loc392/th_748417737_bbconfession_123_392lo.JPG http://img231.imagevenue.com/loc114/th_748420572_bbdaboss_123_114lo.JPG http://img224.imagevenue.com/loc981/th_748422144_bbgoodmorning_123_981lo.JPG http://img201.imagevenue.com/
  7. Aside from some antiviruses going berserk over early mangagamer titles.
  8. Currently playing Little Witch Romanesque which can be pretty funny but it's hard to capture it with a screenshot. I managed to get two log-screenshots so I hope you'll enjoy it. If I manage to get more I'll edit this post. http://img45.imagevenue.com/loc426/th_092909315_gsdhhdjfgjfj_122_426lo.JPG http://img31.imagevenue.com/loc566/th_209291279_lwromanesque1_122_566lo.JPG
  9. That's what we get for overusing adblock - we block the ads, they look for a way to force us to see them. I've never noticed anything obviously malware / spyware but there were some ovious traps etc. Crashed my browser several times too (well, my PC is really old so it happens when I open too many websites at once).
  10. Just finished Comyu so grab some screens: http://img37.imagevenue.com/loc165/th_433390496_ahfafhahdfh_122_165lo.JPG http://img239.imagevenue.com/loc207/th_643339368_gaddsgdsg_122_207lo.JPG http://img153.imagevenue.com/loc196/th_433397395_gasdgheshs_122_196lo.JPG http://img15.imagevenue.com/loc376/th_433400475_gddfhsdhd_122_376lo.JPG http://img107.imagevenue.com/loc171/th_433403692_hfdhfdhfdh_122_171lo.JPG http://img262.imagevenue.com/loc124/th_433406190_khvfjkgk_122_124lo.JPG http://img124.imagevenue.com/loc466/th_433409146_pickelse_122_466lo.JPG http://img222.imagevenue.com/loc1068/th_6433
  11. Well there is plenty of VNs with the combo you are looking for as one of the options, the ones that I remember having one: Amorous Professor Cherry | Eroge Download Bazooka Cafe | Eroge Download Gang Rape Club | Eroge Download (there are some more mature woman but it's basicly a rape game, not really one guy either as a name suggests) Gibo: Stepmother’s Sin | Eroge Download Hitomi – My Stepsister | Eroge Download (if there is a sis there usually is a nice slutty mother) Hypno-training My Mother and Sister | Eroge Download Jewel Knights – Crusaders | Eroge Download (the one with the mask
  12. Time to reanimate this dead thread. Ayakashibito http://img132.imagevenue.com/loc339/th_868821921_dfjhdfjzdj_122_339lo.JPG Grisaia no Kajitsu http://img34.imagevenue.com/loc21/th_366318476_afgag_122_21lo.JPG http://img40.imagevenue.com/loc491/th_436632158_agdgaggsd_122_491lo.JPG http://img153.imagevenue.com/loc554/th_366324604_dshhsdfhsds_122_554lo.JPG http://img250.imagevenue.com/loc369/th_436632727_gagsdhsdh_122_369lo.JPG http://img255.imagevenue.com/loc210/th_366329702_gdasgsdge3_122_210lo.JPG http://img290.imagevenue.com/loc526/th_366332397_ghsdhgsh_122_526lo.JPG http://img264.imag
  13. Just finished Grisaia no Kajitsu today: rather funny but at times boring and annoying VN (especially Amane's diary sequences, almost gave up during that).
  14. Man I really LOVE little red riding hood, and not only that little version so it's not really loli. Even better if she wields an axe or bazooka + she have to be an innocent bitch. So my 2D fetish is kind of like guro-vore-loli-S&M... Oh well its 2D so I'll (probably) survive if I won't try to make it 3D. Bulleta / BBHood is a perfect example of wjat I'm talking about: a little, scared girl that will stab you with a knife while hugging you and then she will shit on your grave just for fun.
  15. No screen, just a quote. note: Imari is the type of violent childhood friend that comes by every morning to wake up protagonist with a punch
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