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  1. and in 2-3 years you probably doesn't need the patch anyway either you forget the game or you already can read japan game in raw.
  2. hi.. thanks for the invite

  3. i'm using win7 64bit and finally make this works. the problem for me was : 1. the game won't start and showing error code [1503] (means insert the disk)--a 2. can't follow switch instruction==> can't mount the CUE file for whatever reason T.T how to make this game works : 1. get the crack for this game Free Cloud Storage - MediaFire
  4. lucky for u guys to even sucsseed downloading it. TT the part 2 is always stop at 40% for me.
  5. Troll's..... There's trolls in the dungeon !!!!
  6. and throw the key to a really far away place and forget they have a child like you
  7. Yeah... another Troll is born
  8. IF THE FINAL BATTLE IN ADVENTURE THEMED VN FINISH WITHIN 10 LINES. and the Sh*tty way the writer use to end the story. it destroy what should be a great story.
  9. just buy another one then. ^he said he is aiming to be a hentai. ok here's the quick way to be seen as hentai by your neighborhood : get naked, then wear only long mantle and go outside. when you see a pack of student see at your direction approach them and take off your mantle. if they scream and calling authority then your mission is succeed
  10. is this about spiderman literaly? or are you just want to start general discussion thread that combine all topics in this site? or should i say "chat rooms?"
  11. of course i expect to see some 18+ image and join in discussion about the said image from the porn game i just want to suggest to add the NSFW button to hide the 18+ image and that's all. i just don't want someone to see me visit pornhub when they look at my computer screen direction screen when they pass my seat or see me from afar:P just don't want to see those pityful and disgusting eye in their face when they look at me:o if the screen just showing "text" they wouldn't even realize what site i'm visit (imagine how akward it would be if your female superior see you smirking when you se
  12. hmm... ivan remove all Not safe for work picture from the DL site and i think that's a wonderful idea. so i think add Spoiler and NSFW button to the post would be great
  13. ^ no my friend, you are not crazy! that's called LOVE. even if the game comes to end, those girls is still with you as your waifu and you can add another story with your imagination
  14. that's absolutly right, but you wouldn't know if it will be fun or not when you start reading them. so you need some parameter to short them out. for me it would be graphics and music when i decide what i would reading next. just imagine if the character sprite was bad when you start reading them!! and add that there are no BGM or the BGM just like nitendo Game from the 90s. it would decrease your mood when you start reading them.
  15. feel heavily depressed right now, damm those professors. right after i finished my task, they double the workload.!!!! want to kill them but i need them anyway so i can't do anything but to give them that fake smile "yes ma'm i'll finish it in one week" and i hurt my knee when i go down the stair from faculty office
  16. just posting for the sake of posting
  17. My adventure today : kill 4 rat's by roadkill with my motorcycle on my way home. it's amazing how big they are now.
  18. no yaoi and otome game? ugh... yaoi is just....disgusting and unbearable as a male it's our duty to keep our mind pure people Lesbian is ok but gay love is absolutly NOT.
  19. ah.... then the long lost twin brother would be Otaku like konata or have completely serious personality.
  20. ah... it happen to me too. After playing something epic like MLA, the only way to take care the void is playing something that 180 degree diffrent. just play something that very funny, in my case Osananajimi is my way back to VNs
  21. ah... flamewars thread what a good idea, it can relieve your stress irl
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