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  1. No, I don't thinks so. Cant blame them though 2020 had been real crap year. I wont be too surprise if Allien attack the earth in this year tbh.
  2. And... due to IRL stuff I just able to start readibng today lol so far so good probably might not even finish in time Orz....
  3. What with all the "suggestive" plot lol Ps. yech I knew it is an all age title but well you know.
  4. Yes, Why not? Even I probably will not finish all the routes. It would be fun to have a VN of the month to read and discuss
  5. Looking into the works of the studio that made Ishu Aigan. Well.... that was new I guess, Visited the weird part of the Internet again lol Some of those Eroge are extreme and niche as heck Probably around the same level of WTF as one of the porn I saw somewhere at Akihabara that somehow involve a stupid among of goldfish.... Yech Japan never fail to amazed me.
  6. Not much this week huh? Thank for the update anyway my good man!
  7. Mujaki no Rakuen A Neet guy going back in time and re-live his childhood, Armed with adult knowledge. he change his boring childhood into harem one muhahahaha! (ofc this mean loli ecchi manga)
  8. Aren't we all? "relics" huh kinda have a nice ring... of being old 555+
  9. Thank you your well wishes :)

  10. Happy Birthday!!!

  11. For me True Love, Nocturnal Illusion, Tokimeki Check-in! (a pain to made the BGM work though) and Same as Ivan these games are something of a nostalgia for me. I still remember playing them till daybreak couple of times.
  12. Yosuga no Sora still alive! good good goooooood lol good old time
  13. Happy birthday <3<3<3 also you really need to come by the SB sometimes.

  14. Happy birthday!

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