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Well, i'm might be thinking, if every board have different theme?

Is that a good idea?

Yes, it's possible for each board to have different theme by default. Users can also pick whatever theme they like as well.


Few, site-related sections have been added. I'll be adding shoutbox today as well.

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The more I think about it, the more I want:

  • Technical support subforum (with pinned guides/howto's on installing/running/patching VNs etc.) for various stuff, including reupload/reseed/update requests
  • Subforum for all games available on the website (1 thread per VN initially, as soon as a VN gets 5+ threads, they are moved to a newly created "sub-subforum" dedicated to a given VN only.)
  • Feedback subforum for feature requests, website/forum bug reports.

And as long as these are added, I don't care for what else is posted elsewhere.


I think those would work, along with some of the other suggestions.

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