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  1. Does any error message pop up? If it's japanese, make a screenshot. Otherwise, try running it with AppLocale, if that does not work, try setting your system locale to japanese. Though I did not have to do that when I played Kanon, I had other VNs just randomly crash unless my timezone was set to japan as well, maybe try that if you want, but I doubt that's the problem. If you're up to it, I'm 99% certain a VM will make it work.
  2. Maybe you wanna give this one a try too: Hatsukoi I read it many years ago, and remember it being better than average (they're even related by blood). I'm usually not too much of a fan with drama in that regards, but this one has it (a certain person really doesn't like them going out). If you can't read jap, there is a partial patch, that translates the route you're looking for.
  3. max, you there??

  4. When extracing a mulit-file archive, you just need to extract the first one. The other ones will automatically be extracted along with the first one.
  5. My vote goes to Touhou Kenchinroku 2 because I haven't read any of these, and because it's Touhou.
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  10. also, add me back on skype. i was very disappointed that you un-added me for some reason

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