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  1. I don't know if this will help but I use to get all my OST from here. Albums - Free MP3 Downloads - Game Soundtracks
  2. To get the extras to show up you might need to get both endings of any of the routes. Not 100% sure.
  3. Actually the SNP didn't even think they would get independence at the start of the campaign, the yes vote only managed to pick up momentum a few months before the actual vote. IMO the NO vote only won because of the promises of further power given to Scotland if they voted no. I will say this though if things don't change or don't change enough a lot of people on both sides of the vote will be very angry and will end up in demonstrations like what happened in HK.
  4. Just to let you know that I voted Yes and I'm really disappointed in the outcome. But the matter of fact is that the difference was 386937 in votes even with minor rigging the deficit is large enough that the no vote would have still of won. I agree with OMA though the world suck balls but shit happens and you just have to deal with it one way or another.
  5. Just started playing Archeage Currently playing - pokemon Y - Counter strike Hyrule warriors is sitting in the background somewhere.
  6. New laptop that I got around a month ago to play games on the go instead of lugging around my pc. Still got my PC (see previous page). Specs are: Screen: 17.3" anti glare screen CPU: Intel I7-4710MQ Ram: 2*8GB DDR3 @1600MHz Drive 1: 128GB SSD Drive 2: 1TB Samsung M8 OS: Win 7 ultimate GPU: NVidia GTX870m with 6GB GDDR5
  7. Thats awesome just got SAO HF for my vita. But not got round to playing it yet. The good thing is that the western release has both games integrated together =)
  8. I don't think you can rescue her since the game takes off from after the 75th floor. True it's another timeline but it followed the original timeline until Kirito defeats kayaba.
  9. 2nd pic: Ikinari Anata ni Koishiteiru (VN) Download english hentai games - Ikinari Anata ni Koishiteiru 11th pic: Ryofu Housen from Ikkitousen (anime) I recognise others but can't think of the titles.
  10. Model : MSN-001X Gundam Delta Kai Series: Gundam Unicorn Notes: doesn't actually show up in the anime or ova. It is seen in the Gundam Unicorn game and manga. It has two forms normal MG form and Waverider form Freshly built and had fun building it. It was simple and straight forward but both V antennas snapped and had to be glued back on. Should I do detail lines? If so any tips?
  11. Just got my hands on 2 gunpla kits from HK. First one is MSN-001X gundam delta kai (HG) and the other one is GAT-X207 Blitz gundam (MG) but I just need to find the time to actually build them. I do have a few kits that I built over 10 years ago but they are so bad I would show them to anyone.
  12. Never used K-Lite but they should still work the same way. If that doesn't work it could be display drivers or maybe direct X (I really doubt about direct X)
  13. Is all your video codecs up to date? You can try and download the latest CCCP and see if that helps.
  14. I'm Chinese but grew up in the UK so I'm fluent in English and can only speak some Cantonese and only know some characters but I'm not bad at listening.
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