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  1. ^ It goes a while without updates because the site is bugged and doesn't update until an entire script is finished.
  2. Not really that big of a deal since they focus on different main characters, but you might as well read Cartagra first since it came out first and happens before Kara no Shoujo.
  3. TL of 12Riven is 100% as of about 10 hours ago
  4. Possible that some of them will. But consider the few serious VNs on steam.. User reviews of Planetarian = 99% positive, Narcissu 1&2 = 91% positive. I think most of them will be able to differentiate stuff like Sakura Spirit/Angel vs Planetarian/Eden*/Narcissu/etc
  5. Bro, do you even Sakura Trick? http://keripo.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/sakura_trick_01_1.jpg
  6. Refreshing my memory of Umineko 1-4, and going to start 5-8 soon. Might take a while, but.. can't keep delaying it much longer. Interested to see how it goes.
  7. Finished Killer Queen. Haven't read a VN since last March and needed something a bit short to get going. It's definitely in the longer spectrum of the 2-10 hours length on vndb, probably a good 8 hours. It was a decent VN with some problems that hopefully get fixed in the remake, Secret Game. Pros Intriguing mystery setting and environment The rules in the game can create some interesting situations. Cons Execution is poor. Hopefully this gets fixed in Secret Game Not enough interesting characters The protag, while having a reason, can get pretty annoying.. especially in c
  8. desi

    Top 10 of 2014

    Forgetting Zankyou : ) My list would be 1. UBW - not much to say about this.. they did a great job here adapting the source material. Fights are amazing, nothing to complain about except very minor things. 9/10 2. Alnoah Zero S1 - I don't watch much mecha and don't go out of my watch to really watch it, but I did watch the first season of this and thought it was pretty good. I know some people were kind of disappointed on how it ended and the wait for season 2, but I thought it was pretty intriguing. 8/10 3. Zankyou no Terror - Started off really great. I thought it would go do
  9. wait..wait..wait..you changed your avatar? What the shit is going on!??! Am I allowed to change my avatar now as well?

  10. OMA, you're finishing VNs and not even telling me? What the shit, man? I thought we had something special.


    j/k.. how did you like Cartagra?

  11. No one that works on the project did that though. It was mentioned that the editor is trying to find a job, so he is not editing at the moment. And apparently everyone else that wants to edit it has failed the editing test, so it's pretty much stalled, but not dead.. officially.
  12. Great first season. A lot of the stuff showed in the last episode was new, but it definitely didn't ruin/hinder anything in regards to the source material. The wait for the next season is going to suck, but it'll be worth it.. it's going to be so action-packed.
  13. Chihaya's scenario in Harvest Festa is finished. Ixrec also mentioned that he will NOT do the liar soft titles now that MG has those pretty much covered. No decision yet on what the next title is after Harvest Festa.
  14. First part of the Angel Beats VN is set to release on May 29th, 2015 after getting delayed.
  15. Goal has been reached in less than a day https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/sekaiproject/the-grisaia-trilogy-three-huge-visual-novels-for-p No doubt the Michiru VN will get funded at 200k as well.
  16. Grisaia kickstarter is up https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/sekaiproject/the-grisaia-trilogy-three-huge-visual-novels-for-p As of this post, about 35% funded and it was posted less than an hour ago.
  17. [spoiler=visual novel spoilers] They haven't officially found out who Caster's master is yet, which will probably happen next episode. This is a total guess on my part, but I think they might leave off at the part where Archer betrays Rin as a midpoint in the series Essentially this season has 16 normal length episodes for half of the route, and they've done a damn good job so far
  18. Grisaia kickstarter update The Grisaia Trilogy: Three huge visual novels for PC | Prefundia Looks like the kickstarter will just be for the vita versions that will be ported to PC Koestl mentioned that Frontwing is demanding that 18+ versions be pushed back and treated as separate products not covered by the kickstarter. He said 18+ versions will be released eventually.
  19. +1 for adapting this scene http://i.imgur.com/tE5jNYA.png
  20. how's the hibernation working?

  21. desi

    Happy b-day, Max. Welcome back.

  22. The greatest love story ever told, Starless, is now available for preorder.. JAST USA — Starless: Available for Preorder Looks like it's confirmed to have some scenes cut.
  23. Double post, but in addition to this, Hanachirasu has a release date of February 10, 2015
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