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What eroges are you playing right now?

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yep...unexpectedly makina's route has pretty good plot...unlike most people say..."her route is bad, blablabla..."


I usually see her route rated near the top. There are exceptions of course, but seems like most people enjoyed her route.

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I thought I was the only one... lol...

damn, Amane just too irresistible...I almost fap on all of her H-scene >

for me her route is the best...and her ending...upss I hope I'm not spoiling...


Yeah. Maybe this picture can explain my (or our?) situation better :D :

GnK flow.jpg


No, no. You're not spoil anything. :)


Amane best end is like the true route in kaijitsu

While...makina 'true end' definitely better than the good end


Yeah, I prefer the "bad end". I don't know. It feels more plausible and acceptable.

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I'm about to start playing through something but I had to narrow my choices. There was 'Yumina the Ethereal' which I had kick to the back since it looks like it has gameplay and I can't have that right now. After some thought I figure I'll hold off on 'If My Heart Had Wings' and now I have between 'Grisaia no Kajitsu' and 'Harukoi Otome'.

I don't need any big reasons or anything as this is just up in the air but which do you good people recommend I play first out of the two?

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Currently trying to play Yumina the Ethereal, random as shit game but loving the dungeon crawler sections, just find it cool. Grinding hasn't really been a problem for me so far but then again I'm only on the second debate battle XD. Other than that just waiting for toradora to eventually be released so my life will be full of Taiga & Minorin goodness once more ^^

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Recently cleared Yumina the Ethereal and by my standards and experience in the jrpg/dungeon crawler genre i'd say the game tried too hard and mastered nothing.

It could have been a standalone student council war rpg or totally ordacle dungeon/quest based, but ended up being a Frankenstein of whatever it could bring to the table.

Also, the second part felt too rushed and the lack of budget was evident, that's a shame as it is otherwise very fun and addictive.

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I just realized I had Da Capo 2 on my backlog so I have to clear it before I get to anything else and it is huge disappointment so far, but I do hold an interest in the story so I won't just drop it. It has been a really long time since I played the first one too.


*Incoming Rant*

Immediately I notice there is no Akane route and there better be a damn good reason for this.

Game confirms that the most boring character is the canon route.

If that wasn't bad enough two of the heroines are clone-like off springs of said boring character.

To make matters even worse I find out you can't even do these two bore fest until you unlock their route.

Awesome teacher type character with no teacher route...

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Kinda juggling a fair few titles at the minute:


Muv Luv Alternative: Playing this for the awesomeness (Replay of course!)

Yumina The Ethereal: Looked like a pretty cool game

Umineko No Naku Koro Ni: Slowly working my way through this game

Osadai:Just cause

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Currently playing Harukoi Otome and I have hopes because BaseSon... however as of the start I am disappointed.

After coming off Da Capo and experiencing a friend character as awesome as Suginami I am now treated to Oikawa, the absolute worst character I have had the displeasure of experiencing. This unfunny annoying prick has taken more time than the girls and that is absurd in a eroge, whoever thought up this god awful character deserves to be hit with a Misogi.

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