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  1. Sadly MBAACC is still in the process of being translated / getting its own caster so you'll have to wait a while also CAN'T WAIT FOR THE MAJIKOI VISUAL NOVEL~ <3

  2. I've started playing Melty Blood AACC 1.7 and I used to play Act Cadenza. I know for Cadenza I had to use mbcaster to play online and had that set up, but I'm not sure if the same is for AACC(Actress Again Current Code). Do I have to use mbcaster or a different program for AACC?

  3. Well it depends because the eroge rpg/strategy EX. Sengoku Rance, Koihime Musou, etc should last longer then a normal eroge game will obviously but yeah i'd go with 20+ hours D:
  4. Has to be tsundere! Breaking down that wall of fake hate is like music to my ears ~ although the shy ones are just as great :3
  5. I personally bought a blackrockshooter wallscroll and my friends bought gintama and onepiece ones as well on ebay. Personally the easiest and fastest way to get a wallscroll or body pillow will be by going to an anime convention near you i personally will be going to supercon again this year possibly working volunteer getting to see the stock before everyone else :
  6. Yep i play melty blood quite a bit with people from my classes and close friends that come over to my home :3 If you have a working I.P. i'd be up for a caster battle xD

  7. Do you play Melty Blood?

  8. If you liked "Koihime Musou", you should check out: - Download english hentai games - Sengoku Rance If you liked "Let's Meow Meow", you should check out: - Download english hentai games - Wanko to Kurasou If you liked "Suck my dick or die!", you should check out: - Download english hentai games - Gang Rape Club - Download english hentai games - Gibo: Stepmother’s Sin - Download english hentai games - The Maiden Rape Assault - Violent Semen Inferno - Download english hentai games - My sex slave is a classmate
  9. If you liked "Sengoku Rance", you should check out: - Download english hentai games - Koihime Musou - Download english hentai games - Rance 2: The Rebellious Maidens - Download english hentai games - Daibanchou - Big Bang Age
  10. I'm watching Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou and loving it as much as i loved nichijou! Keeping up with Highschool DxD, Zero no Tsukaima, Black rock shooter, and especially baby please kill me too though :3 Gotta love Agiri-chan~
  11. Don't worry just go with the flow and just post anything that seems even slightly interesting you can't really go wrong xD
  12. Now i'm tempted to get the game to play with everyone but i don't think i can make the time with college nonsense and my eroge games / tomfoolery ;_;
  13. Oh, if anyone gets melty blood and has hamatchi or a working ip i'm up for some mbcaster to get these battles going! >:3
  14. Saya no Uta would be one of the most mind ****ing animes/hentais out there but i have to admit it'd be interesting as hell Sengoku Rance would be hilarious if it was made into an anime instead of a hentai and they tried to be as perverted as possible without any actual nudity LOL Katawa Shoujo would be the most heartfelt anime and would probably make us cry it would put amagami ss to shame D: Monster Girl Quest - I'd watch the hell out of that hentai lol Let's Meow Meow and dear god yes a redone demonbane anime would be amazing. DOCTOR WEEEEEEEEEEEEEST!!~ *Nails on guitar*
  15. About 3 years but the first year i didn't know about this site so i had to go through the hell that is the internet system x_x
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