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  1. Keep a spot for me, i'll get teh game around october
  2. whaaat +15? Noooo i want my da capo incest H-scenes !
  3. Sola and clannad go watch them now
  4. Na 3d "hentai" games aren't really eroge, you have some hybrids like love death 555 by teatime that is 3Dish and semi visual novel. They aren't really eroge but maybe ivan could create a separate section for those kinda games, try asking him.
  5. Is this for real? If so: hahahah awesome.. although slightly disturbing
  6. Shin koihime musou A steins; gate sequel Tick Tack (Nerine shuffle fandisc) Da Capo 3
  7. play harem party -> end up on sophie's route "It will be fun they said"
  8. bad habits - alchohol - smoking - drugs: weed & dmt weird behavior: dunno
  9. Wasn't it Karin-sama instead of chan? If i recall correctly she was the tsundere like blond haired ruler of ... Gi? Go? can't recall. But i'm 95% sure i know who you are talking about.
  10. shoutbox pirates added !

  11. Get out of the way scrubs ! Taiga is our winner!
  12. I only have k lite codec pack installed and i'm running windows 7 -64 bit soo.... dunno why they said that on tlwiki, works like a charm. CCCP is outdated, K lite is a way better codec pack (for modern up-to-date standards).
  13. Lolwut "Indio Video 5 web browser plugin"? Nope Or you can just make sure you have K lite codec pack installed, like everyone else.....
  14. Try windowed mode, the game only works 50% of the time when i started it up in fullscreen mode.
  15. i had fun, a lot of fapping fun, that was all though
  16. Yes i've been waiting for it a long time already, nothing new here. I signed up for beta but i haven't got any key... sigh.
  17. Read this to fix the bgm/audio problem: http://tlwiki.org/index.php?title=Never_7 Do not start the game with the _CD.exe, i launch it with the other .exe (ogg) and it works perfectly. Just download one of those 2 audio sets and extract them into your installation directory.
  18. thanks ivan, looks interesting haha
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