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  1. Works like a charm here, maybe include a link to the TLWIKI concerning the audio/bgm fix? http://tlwiki.org/index.php?title=Never_7
  2. i'll join, but not until october/december. I'm not getting the game straight away, i don't have a lot of time for mmo's until december.
  3. I don't really play free to play games , although i hear that riot did a good job making it true free to play and not pay to win. I like "normal" games better, at least then i know there aren't any secret hidden costs anywhere with microtransactions & eshops and all that bullshit
  4. Kurisu has won, TO LATE TO CHANGE IT! She won fair and square!
  5. Whatever you do don't do sophie's route....
  6. I would want a fandisc, not a complete sequal to stein;s gate, basically giving some fanservice with kurisu, showing us a little bit more romance and maybe even deeper explore some aspects of the original game more deeply. Also, when are they gonna translate TickTack! (shuffle fandisc). I've been waiting years on that one,poor Nerine!.
  7. Try captive market, the female characters start out as strong, proud, warriors/commanders but get absolutely mentally destroyed in the game (and physically to lol).
  8. Sorry but i hate NTR, i rather prefer they translate other visual novels instead of NTR ones.
  9. Triss is not defintly not tsundere, i still like her though. I still can't believe kurisu is gona lose from that bitch.
  10. Oh comon not again where did all those rin lovers come from again. Fuck it, i'm out.
  11. Ye you prolly need your applocale in japanese. I used ubuntu aswell in the past , but it was such a hassle getting some vitally needed programs & games that i like (including VN's) to work. There's only so many things that you can run with Wine succesfully (as you may probably know). I've used redhat, fedora, kubuntu, ubuntu in the past and in any of those cases i removed the OS after some time just because it lacked the kind of software that i needed for work/ games and entertainment. If only popular software was more usable on linuxs destros.........
  12. True i "hate" sekai, i don't like her much, i always go on one of konohata's route, i can't help myself , i like her to much.
  13. Well that's a small list lol. If i had to choose form your list hmmmm probably Love Hina, that shit was amazing back in the days. I don't care about the rest.
  14. I can't choose.... Aisha ... Haqua.... i love them both.... I'll join the majority of the voters; i'm so sorry Aisha i still love you darling but i'll vote on haqua this time.
  15. Happy birthday exsilon!

  16. Adam's story is actually this: Adam: The Double Factor | Eroge Download Either i named it incorrectly by accident or it extracted like that. Pretty old vn, but i enjoyed it. And yes Oreimo Plus is a nukige and is not translated.
  17. fine ty for letting me know, didn't know that

  18. Ye Home mate, Love Death 555, School mate & Virtual Stalker are 3D hentai games. You know the illusion type games lol. Adams story is a visual novel, pretty good one by that.
  19. for realz? Any chatlogs / threads that point out it was a troll? I'd never expected

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