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  1. What is this? E-peen competition? But fine i'm an original "founder" aswell joined on 02-17-2012. (still the first day/ timezone difference).
  2. I was just gonna advise this, can't you try out to use the compatibility mode first? Personally i dislike windows 8 and i hope it fails misaribly. It seems like the whole metro interface works great on tablets and such but it's an utter fail to use that interface on destkop systems. I want my start bar goddamit. + i don't want to get flooded with advertising on the metro app screen when i start up my pc.
  3. Well i said that because you guys seem kinda "puritan" to everything related with sex. Personally we europeans are more relaxed about sexual matters but i still don't see a huge market for eroge over here aswell though.
  4. I got this game back in the day as soon as the english patch was released Had some great fun with it hehehehehe
  5. I haz some free time this week, after being busy for a long time so now i'm going to continue reading Tomoyo After and maybe some MLA (muv luv ..) Lol canvas 2, reminded me of da capo somewhat. Choices in this game: should i go after my family member or after my old childhood friend? or some other highschool girls
  6. Psycho points + 1 "It's a girl points" (i hope) + 2 "Gun points" +1 I don't like the avatar perse, but when we add the bonus points on top of the base stats we get 4 (base score) + 1 + 2 +1 = 8/10 Final score= 8/10
  7. OP here site is bullshit, keeps changing names. Tried it again, now i get this: 猿渡 Saruwatari (monkey on a crossing bridge) 誠 Makoto (sincerity) instead of 杉浦 Sugiura (cedar coast) 拓海 Takumi (open sea) And this is my avatarname in japanese 佐藤 Saitou (helpful wisteria) 純一郎 Junichiro (pure first son) Really like this one (pure first son) and saito reminds me of the main char from Zero no tsukaima
  8. Still following Gantz, those last episodes are REALLY disgusting, with those god like-face twisting giant aliens.
  9. Dude as avatar = -5 points -> Score: 4/10 I deserve a higher rating since i have the same avatar since the day the forum was founded DON'T MAKE LUCY CRY
  10. Na, it's fine the way it is, western mainstream audiences (and ESPECIALLY American mainstream audiences) will never accept eroge, and to me that's a good thing.
  11. thanks for teasing me about the fact that it isn't translated
  12. Sexy demon transformation = this shit is hot and ofcourse TOMOYO AFTER YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH
  13. Just get yourself an SSD, that shit can't get fragmented I use an SSD for my windows OS and most important files and programs, and a seperate 1 TB HDD 7200 RPM for my games. Only have to defragment my game harddrive every couple of months
  14. REBOOT IS REQUIRED... when installing mounting software so ye thats absolutely normal, just get deamon tools lite with SPTD 1.81 ye
  15. Yes deamon tools lite has everything that you need (normally, unless you want to mount REALLY rare formats).
  16. Was to be expected of someone with Okabe as avatar pic.
  17. Thanks .... but... I ALREADY HAD 90% OF THOSE "GAMES" INSTALLED
  18. Caelistas

    ef – the first tale

    PANTSUUU!! Don't worry he'll rape her later in the game, she's just being tsun tsun rite now.
  19. Same she's mine bro. CLAIM Goddamit i want to play Da Capo 3 translated. Commooon mangagamer go steal the game and translate it.
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