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  1. Hi there erogeking, glad to see you again, as a matter of fact this is my first new comment in months aswell. Been to busy with life, work , even have a new gf right now so i can't lurk these forums all day anymore Even with all that i still like reading a good VN when i have the time, to bad my backlog is insanely huge atm Currently playing agarest on steam
  2. Yandere Reaction: http://www.troll.me/images/hipster-ariel/what-the-fuck-is-that.jpg
  3. Caelistas

    E3 2013

    Microsoft only listens to the sound of money, never to legitimate concerns by (potential) MS customers.
  4. Show is semi-good but nothing special really, kinda mediocre. I do enjoy it though.
  5. Dissapointing ending.... so much potential wasted.
  6. Looks cool, not my kind of game though.
  7. These are my favos Neechans with big tits The *office lady" type who loves to get fucked hard The female teacher - ofcourse - classic Shrine maidens - duh Naughty aunts - win
  8. I give at a rating of 3/10, it was way to trippy for me, like someone wrote this while he was on LSD. Couldn't fully appreciate this "work of art", but that is just my opinion.
  9. Keep dreaming... i think it will take at least 40-50 years for this kind of tech. There is so much that still needs to be worked out to even make a basic virtual demo possible.
  10. I don't bother with EA published games anymore. No DLC, microtransactions, online only crap for me, go die in a fire EA.
  11. Baldur's gate Red Alert 1&2 Planescape torment Pokemon Red & Blue
  12. Since i am primarily a PC gamer i don't really care much... I'm looking forward to valve's new steambox console-pc hybrid though
  13. Asuna is to mainstream wincest ftw
  14. 150GB? Wow, thanks for the offer but i'll just use fakku for now.
  15. what vn is that? did that dude just came inside of her brain.... i don't even... what... lol
  16. read [PC] Violated Heroine http://tlwiki.org/index.php?title=Violated_Heroine not 100% completed it seems
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